Transitions Optical challenges consumers to test their Eye-Q with new online quiz

November 30, 2013

Transitions Optical, Inc. is challenging consumers to put their eye health knowledge to the test through a new, interactive quiz found at TestYourEyeQ.com. Supported by the Transitions Cultural Connections™ program, the quiz explores the eye health risks more commonly faced by culturally diverse groups and urges those who are at risk to take charge of their eye health by scheduling regular eye exams and wearing the right eyewear to protect and enhance their vision.

Throughout the quiz, consumers are armed with information and links to resources tailored to specific ethnic groups, including eye health content through Transitions Optical’s Eyeglass Guide. The quiz also provides access to an online eye care professional locator where consumers can enter their ZIP codes to find a location near them.

“Our research has shown that the majority of consumers don’t understand that their ethnicity could be a significant risk factor in developing eye health issues,” said Manuel Solis, marketing manager, labs and strategic partnerships, Transitions Optical. “We hope this quiz will serve as a fun way for patients of all ethnicities to learn more about their risks and take that next step by scheduling an appointment with their eye doctor.”

Transitions Optical will be promoting the quiz directly to consumers through online advertising, and eye care professionals can also link to the quiz from their own websites or social media pages. Additional multicultural resources are available free-of-charge to eye care professionals by visiting MyMulticulturalToolkit.com or contacting Transitions Optical Customer Service at 800-848-1506.

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