Younger Optics releases Adage Trilogy short corridor progressive lenses in clear Trivex

November 29, 2013

Adage, the short corridor progressive lenses with wide and balanced near and distance zones, are now available in clear Trilogy®, the impact resistant material with superior optical quality.

Younger Optics is said it is pleased to offer this Adage material extension in response to laboratories’ popular demand. Adage Trilogy lenses offer patients all the benefits of the Trilogy material in an ultra-short progressive addition lens (PAL) that fits their favorite small frames.

The Adage lens has been designed to provide the wearer with an excellent and balanced combination of far, near, and intermediate zones.

Compared to leading short corridor progressives, the Adage lens offers a broader clear area. This helps patients get a focused view, wherever they are looking.

The Trilogy material offers impact resistance, light weight, and low chromatic aberration when compared to poly. It is also a great material for rimless frames because it resists cracking at the mount.

Adage Trilogy lenses include:

  • 160 degrees of viewing freedom in the distance zone
  • Minimum fitting height of 13mm (great for smaller frames)
  • Very wide near zone for a short design
  • Generous corridor width for a clear view in all areas
  • 90 percent of add is reached at only 11mm below pupil
  • An effective blank size of 76mm
  • No secondary calculations necessary for use
  • Trilogy material is impact resistant and lightweight
  • Trilogy material has less chromatic aberration than poly
  • Trilogy material is perfect for rimless frames, because it resists cracking at the drill mount.

For more information about Younger Optics, NuPolar lenses and other products, visit the company’s website at www.youngeroptics.com.

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