SynergEyes to modernize, streamline policies and procedures for lenses

November 28, 2013

SynergEyes, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the Duette and UltraHealth families of contact lenses, has announced that it will modernizing its policies for ordering and returning lenses.

To make it easier to do business with the company, SynergEyes is also streamlining other customer-facing procedures.

“We are determined to become a company that is 100 percent ECP-centric,” said James K. Kirchner, O.D., president and CEO of SynergEyes. “Key to becoming that type of company is examining the way we do business with our customers and making changes to better meet their needs as practice owners.”

The policy and procedure changes will include enhancements that save practitioners time and money, give them peace-of-mind when prescribing SynergEyes lenses and also give them the opportunity to “go green.”

Effective Nov. 1, prescribers will no longer need to return lenses in order to receive credit for discontinued fits, whether they are working with Duette, UltraHealth or SynergEyes lenses.

In addition, the warranty period for all lenses will be 90 days and receiving credit, when necessary, will be easy and hassle-free.

SynergEyes also will be automating a number of procedures, from account setup to billing. Accounts will have the option to receive printed versions of their statements or go paperless by using an online account management system.

“We are proud to be a company that not only listens to our customers, but also acts on the feedback they give us,” said Peg Achenbach, O.D., vice president of Professional Relations at SynergEyes. “These changes are a direct result of doing just that.”

“I am confident that the modernization of our policies and procedures will demonstrate our commitment to the optometric profession and sincere desire to partner with the independent practitioners,” said Dr. Kirchner. “As an optometrist who spent 33
years in private practice, I know the rigors and challenges of independent practice and am committed to making SynergEyes a company that is here for the independent ECP.”

For more information, visit www.synergeyes.com.

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