J&J seeks UV research proposals

October 31, 2013

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. (JJVCI) is now accepting research proposals related to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the human eye. Specific areas of interest include the following topics:

  • Eye health including photoageing (cataractogenesis, presbyopia, corneal, retinal, conjunctival/limbal changes)
  • Epidemiology of UV induced ocular disease including geographic, ethnic, and occupational study. Proposals may include the study of indoor and outdoor UV radiation. Increased risk associated with UV exposure in youth.
  • Assessing the protective effect of UV blocking contact lenses on human ocular tissues including methodology, measurement techniques and clinical endpoints. Comparative protective effects of contact lenses and spectacles/sunglasses.

Research proposals must be submitted through the JJVCI Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) application process by contacting the Clinical Research Administrator by email at RA-VISUS-IISRequests@its.jnj.com, or by calling 904-443-1525. All research proposals must be submitted in English.

For additional information on JJVCI’s IIS process and policy, visit www.acuvueprofessional.com/investigator-initiated-studies.

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