ABB Optical Group enhances patient retention program for annual supplies

October 30, 2013

ABB OPTICAL GROUP has enhanced their Patient Retention Program by adding two new annual supply sales aids to help their customers add value to their practice by driving more annual supply sales of soft contact lenses. These improved personalized communication tools help practices retain their patients by illustrating the value of purchasing an annual supply through their trusted eye care professional.

“We are excited to provide our customers additional Patient Retention sales aids to help drive more annual supply sales,” said Lynda Baker, executive vice president of ABB Optical Group. “These customizable visual aids assist office staff and the doctor to communicate the cost savings associated with purchasing an annual supply. This proactive practice communication program will show that with manufacturer rebates, free shipping and the convenience of ordering an annual supply, it is truly the best option for the patient. Our doctors will no longer have to worry about their patients becoming a consumer.”

The New Annual Supply Product Sheets are for individual soft contact lens product that can be updated with a practice’s annual supply pricing. Practices will have the ability to print individual sheets for the products that they fit most often and would like assistance with selling more annual supplies. Utilizing these sheets with manufacturer rebates, new fit/refit rebates and insurance benefits will help illustrate the cost savings with an annual supply.

“This individual sales aid gives practices the ability to show all the cost savings associated with new patients or a refit patient when additional manufacturer rebates are available for soft contact lenses,” Baker added. “Combining that with insurance benefits makes selling annual supply to those patients even easier.”

The New Annual Supply Patient Savings Tool is fully customizable and can illustrate four, six, or nine products on a single sided sales aid. Double sided versions are also available to have price comparisons on more products. Once developed for a practice, it can easily be updated with pricing or rebate adjustments as needed.

Accounts can order their customizable annual supply tools directly from their sales representative. The sales representatives have been fully trained to show a practitioners’ office staff how to go about presenting annual supplies of contact lenses, and can also work with the office to develop a plan for increasing annual supply business by utilizing all of the tools that the ABB Optical Group Patient Retention Program provides.

Other Patient Retention Program tools provided include: Quarterly Soft Lens Retail Price Monitor, Annual Supply Tutorial, Annual Supply Comparison Worksheet, and Annual Supply Pencil Cell Tear Sheet.

For additional information, visit www.abbconcise.com and www.opticaldg.com.

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