AOA delegates applaud work of advocacy, foundation supporters

October 2, 2013

hod fri sandefur hymesOptometry Association of Lousiana Executive Director Jim Sandefur, O.D., presents AOA Washington office Director Jon Hymes with a memorial plaque of the resolution passed by delegates at the 2013 Optometry’s Meeting® recognizing his outstanding efforts on behalf of optometry.

The resolution noted pediatric eye health coverage is specifically categorized as essential and is based on an embedded comprehensive eye exam benefit for children through age 18 offered by all health plans in the health care marketplaces and new plans outside the marketplaces. The 78 million insured children in the country will now no longer face restrictions from directly accessing optometrists for care.

“Because of the efforts of Jon Hymes, our relatively small association defeated a larger well-financed and aggressive opposition—an accomplishment that represents a tremendous victory for the American Optometric Association and the children of America,” the resolution reads.

The House of Delegates also passed resolutions honoring the work of Irving Bennett, O.D., for his crucial role in Optometry Cares®—the AOA Foundation and the Ophthalmic Council, and David Danielson for his many years of dedicated service to the AOA and the profession of optometry, especially those in the federal service.

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