Transitions Optical tests direct response TV ad

September 30, 2013
TransitionsTrial.com also features outtake videos and ordering information for a free pair of simulation decals.

TransitionsTrial.com also features outtake videos and ordering information for a free pair of simulation decals.

Transitions Optical, Inc. kicked off a national test of a new direct response “edutainment-style” television advertisement, designed to generate an immediate action by consumers, which will drive them to their eye care professionals and shorten the eyewear purchase cycle.

A 15-minute version of the ad aired on national cable channels in August.

The ad features host Tim Martin interviewing consumers about their perceptions of and experiences with the Transitions® family of products. It concludes by encouraging consumers to test Transitions® lens technology immediately by ordering a trial decal. Consumers can apply the decal to their current clear lenses to simulate the performance of Transitions lenses.

After adhering the decal, consumers should wear their glasses inside and out to experience for themselves how Transitions lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light conditions. They can then remove the decals with no lasting effect on their lenses.

“More than nine out of 10 consumers who wear Transitions lenses love them and repurchase them,” said Renee Himel, director, brand experience, Transitions Optical. “With such high consumer satisfaction rates, we’ve been looking for ways that clear lens wearers can temporarily try Transitions lens technology before buying. Our decals are the perfect tool and drive new Transitions lens patients to eye care professionals to get the real thing.”

In fact, initial Transitions Optical research shows that seven in 10 consumers who tried the decals said they would ask their eye care professionals about Transitions lenses the next time they visited.

Transitions Optical is testing a shorter, one-minute version of the ad in select markets. Ads running in Sacramento, Calif.; Flint, Mich.; Colorado Springs, Co.; and Greensboro-Highpoint, N.C., will conclude by asking consumers to order the trial decals, while ads running in Buffalo, N.Y.; Charleston-Huntington, W.V.; Cleveland; and Des Moines, Iowa, will conclude by urging consumers to visit specific eye care professionals for a limited-time discount.

Results will be tracked, and Transitions Optical plans to announce full plans for its direct response program in 2014.

“We are always looking for ways to make consumers more excited about their vision so they will be more proactive about taking care of the health of their eyes,” said Sherianne James, director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “The increasing purchase cycle is a serious concern and a threat to the health of the optical industry, so we are especially interested in testing marketing efforts that address this issue.”

Eye care professionals interested in viewing direct response advertisements and learning more about the trial decal program should visit www.TransitionsTrial.com.

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