Stepping up membership

September 19, 2013

stair membershipMembership topics, ranging from recruitment and retention, to benefits and services, to the value of being a member, were all part of the discussion as state associations and the AOA gathered for a full-day session at the AOA’s St. Louis headquarters Aug. 7. The group worked to prioritize key components of the membership value proposition and will create tools and strategies to achieve membership goals.

On the left, from front to back, are Renee Brauns, AOA chief operating officer; Laura McHale, Virginia Optometric Association; Stephanie Kopsak, Connecticut Association of Optometrists; Scott Ream, O.D., Missouri Optometric Association and AOA Affiliate Partner Membership Committee member; Alissa Johnson, Nebraska Optometric Association and AOA Internal Communications Committee chair; Debbie Collins, Kansas Optometric Association. On right, from back to front, are Stacey Struckhoff, AOA student and faculty membership manager; Jodi Haas, California Optometric Association; Bridget Sims, Indiana Optometric Association; Beth Coleman, Minnesota Optometric Association and AOA Affiliate Partner Membership Committee member; Shannon Luckey, Texas Optometric Association; Sarah Link, Mississippi Optometric Association; Sarah Unger, Kentucky Optometric Association; Jennifer Frawley, AOA director of affiliate relations and membership. Not pictured: Charlene Marsh, Illinois Optometric Association; Jo Beth Wicks, Alabama Optometric Association; and Sarah Lawson, AOA, assistant, Affiliate Relations & Membership Group.

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