NikeVision site features Transitions products, videos

August 16, 2013
View of NikeVision.com homepage

View of NikeVision.com homepage

Signaling the strength of the partnership, and confidence in the technology and brand, Nike Vision launched a “takeover” of NikeVision.com, featuring the company’s three co-branded products with Transitions Optical.

Nike® Max Transitions® Golf, Speed and Outdoor Tints are each highlighted in three separate videos that demonstrate each product’s adaptive technology in changing light conditions. The videos and social media assets are available for eye care professionals through the Transitions professional Facebook page.

“It goes without saying that we’re tremendously proud of our partnership with Nike, one of the most elite sports brands in the world,” said Grady Lenski, managing director, adjacencies, Transitions Optical. “The homepage takeover and product demo videos are a reflection of the power of this collaboration – this is a perfect opportunity for eye care professionals to leverage the power of these two brands.”

“These sunglasses have generated a buzz among athletes already,” said Steve Tripi, marketing director, Marchon Eyewear/Nike Vision. “Anyone looking to up their athletic performance recognizes the inherent advantages of superior vision.”

“We know that eye care professionals can benefit directly from recommending premium brand offerings to patients,” added Lenski. “In fact, 89 percent of patients say the lens options offered to them by their ECPs is important to them. This is a guaranteed way to increase patient satisfaction, by recommending Nike Max Transitions lenses as a second-pair sale, or a primary sunglass pair for contact lens wearers or patients with no prescription.”

The homepage takeover will be featured on NikeVision.com for several weeks. Visitors to the page are directed to the videos first and can also link to pages with additional product technology details, available frame styles and ordering/purchase information.

All three Nike Max Transitions products are available for purchase at NikeStore.com. Eye care professionals can order product and point of sale materials through their Marchon representative.

For more information, visit Transitions.com/ Sunwear or NikeVision.com/ Transitions.

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