Vt. OD writes the book on eye exams for children, parents

July 19, 2013

Cover Only coloring book version 3In his book “No Pills No Shots,” Vermont optometrist Solomon M. Gould, O.D., offers a parent/ child tutorial about visiting the eye doctor.

“‘No Pills No Shots’ is not only an exceptional education tool for pediatric patients and their parents or guardians, but it is a very effective practice-builder and marketing tool as well,” said Dr. Gould. “I sincerely hope to help make a positive progression in the way that the general public views and understands pediatric eye care. I am confident that ‘No Pills No Shots’ will be monumental in helping optometrists across the country achieve this.”

The book features recommendations from the AOA and serves as an educational tool for parents and a comfort blanket for children prior to coming in for their eye exams.

The book also includes a brochure for parents that walks them through the process of what to expect at their children’s eye doctor visits, what the doctor is looking for and the importance of the visit.

There is a separate coloring book “No Pills No Shots…Your Visit to the Eye Doctor” for children. It includes a step-by-step process of what happens at the eye doctor.

The book is geared toward use by eye care professionals, pediatricians, and school teachers and nurses and is completely customizable for each practice/ optometrist purchasing the book. Practitioners can include the practice’s name, doctor’s name and even customized pictures.

Visit www.nopillsnoshots.com for more information and to order the book.

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