Optometry is All in the Family: Paul Hodge, O.D. and Amanda Hodge, O.D.

June 11, 2013

Hodge family hooding(This is the second in an ongoing series about the family bonds that run deep through optometry. This
week’s installment, leading up to Father’s Day this Sunday, features Michigan father-daughter pair Paul Hodge, O.D., and Amanda Hodge, O.D. of Allegan, Mich. Both Hodges are graduates of the Michigan College of Optometry: Paul in 1985 and Amanda in 2011. Dr. Paul Hodge is President-Elect of the Michigan Optometric Association and a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.

What is special about working with your child?

Dr. Paul Hodge: Working with my child is special because I get to mentor her in the career that I enjoy.  I hope that she will see our chosen profession as a calling to help others and benefit society.  I enjoy the opportunity to teach her that we have responsibilities as optometrists to improve our communities by volunteering in civic and service organizations.  We also have an obligation to support organized optometry and our legislative agendas locally and nationally.

How did you decide to follow in the family footsteps?

Dr. Amanda Hodge: I decided to go into optometry because I wanted to do something with math and science. I also really wanted to work with children and my father suggested optometry, which incorporates all three.

What is your Number 1 “Tip for Success” for your colleagues who want to make a go of multi-generational practice?

Dr. Paul Hodge: When my daughter decided on optometry as a career, I encouraged her to spend time at the office learning every position we have so she could experience the daily demands of every employee.  I would encourage every optometrist to do the same for any of their children who may be considering optometry as a career.

Dr. Amanda Hodge: Make sure your personalities mesh well in a workplace environment. Just because you get along outside of the work place doesn’t mean that the same can be said for the work place. I started working for my father when I was in high school so I could get a feel of what optometry was about and how well we could work together. My father and I have very similar personalities and I feel that has made our relationship stronger as father-daughter and as professional colleagues. I absolutely enjoy working with my father and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

(Read the first installment of this series, featuring AOA First Lady Desiree Hopping, O.D., here.)


  1. Awesome article! I could not be more proud of this father/daughter duo! Great people!!! 🙂

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