AOA volunteer describes experience at Boston Marathon

May 8, 2013

powellAOA InfantSEE® Committee member Ryan Powell, O.D., was a participant in last month’s Boston Marathon. The bombs detonated when he was nearing the end of the race, but he escaped unharmed.

In response to expressions of concern, Dr. Powell shared his experience in an email.

“I was in the last stretch of the run and was stopped with roughly 500 meters to go in the finish,” he wrote. “The most fortunate thing for our family is that my sister-in-law and her three children were hustling to get to that very spot to watch me finish. They were just a block away when they started seeing people running and crying and were told they need to turn around.

“The runners didn’t know why we were stopped. We just sat down in the median grass and started stretching. A local guy came from his residence with a pitcher of water and gave us a cup and a couple of water bottles.

“My brother only lives two blocks from the finish line, so once I realized that we weren’t going to be running through the finish, I just walked the few blocks to my brother’s place. A very surreal event for me.”

Dr. Powell is a graduate of the Southern College of Optometry where he also serves as a board member. He is an AOA member practicing in Kansas City, Mo.

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