Polaroid launches polarized plus collection in May

May 4, 2013

Polaroid_website_hpIn the year of its 75th anniversary, Polaroid Eyewear re-invents itself and goes beyond all expectations with Polaroid Plus, the new sunglasses collection to be launched in May.

This innovative sunglasses collection combines the ultimate goal in polarization technology with a brand new style which features the most up and coming trends in eyewear.

The Polaroid Plus Collection rediscovers an original look: minimal and urban, which features pure lines and regular shapes with a contemporary and wearable design. All the sunglasses are designed for contemporary people who are looking for eye protection with a refined and unique style.

All the models will have the innovative UltraSightTM Plus lens, the evolution of the polarized lens which are now also glue-free. This new lens offers all the universally recognized benefits of the Polaroid polarized lenses such as 100 percent protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays, reduction of eye fatigue and elimination of glare. In addition this new lens provides a clearer vision thanks to the absence of glue, is safer as it is made from shock resistant polyamide material, and has a longer durability because there is no risk of exfoliation.

Polaroid goes back to the essentials with a new and eye-catching graphic mark consisting of the letter “P”: this metal graphic sign is integrated in the new dedicated hinge block.

“P” stands for Polaroid and Polarization: a simple letter that summarizes the historical and technological heritage of a great brand brought into the future. “P” also stands for Plus, the new collection that offers something more in terms of technology and design to the wide range of products already developed by Polaroid brand.

The Polaroid Plus Collection is available in six launch styles divided in two groups. Visit www.polaroideyewear.com.

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