FoxFire announces EHR system Web-based compliance program

March 31, 2013

With an eye on the future, FoxFire Practice Management system was created using practical feedback from hundreds of offices across the country that expressed the need for a better, more efficient practice management system. FoxFire’s certified electronic health record (EHR) powered by MedFlow offers an online compliance connection that eliminates staff error.

Other convenient features such as the Single Screen Exam and ePrescribing make patient visits a snap, allowing clients to see more patients and optimize their practice efficiency. FoxFire EHR’s Image Management and Advanced Drawing Capabilities allow doctors to accurately and precisely diagram patient conditions, facilitating a higher standard of care.

New innovations are taking FoxFire EHR by MedFlow to a new level.

Corcoran Compliance Connection

Imagine an office where your EHR automatically queries an online expert system so you don’t need to worry or spend time on coding. With the Corcoran Compliance Connection, an office such as this is a reality. The Corcoran Compliance Connection is a Web-based compliance and coding program for EHR that eliminates human errorand offers clients an easy and effective way to be billing compliant.

In fact, the Corcoran Compliance Connection captures thousands of dollars due to undercoding and reduces the likelihood of fines or penalties during postpayment review. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that your practice has compliant charting and coding while optimizing revenue per patient.

The Corcoran Compliance Connection offers:

  • Accurate coding for eye exams based solely on EMR entries
  • Super-fast on-line response
  • Significantly improved compliance
  • Expert system without physician interrogation
  • User prompts in challenging situations
  • Broader utilization of available CPT and HCPCS codes
  • Integrated with applicable CPT modifiers

MedFlow Mobile

MedFlow mobile allows doctors to access patient information on the go.

In fact, clients can quickly and efficiently access exams, prescriptions, history details, medications, patient images and more all from an outside table or mobile device.

Medflow Mobile is a safe and secure browser-based application that works on many platforms, including Apple, Blackberry and Android devices or any devices using the Apple, Android or RIM operating systems.

For more information, visit www.foxfiresg.com.

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