Super Systems announces FastCoat system

March 30, 2013

Super Systems announces a new solution designed for independent practices called FastCoat, an affordable in-office lens hard coating system designed and engineered by Super Systems. It is priced with the small- to medium-size independent practice in mind.

FastCoat, combined with FastGrind, will open up practices to a brand new customer base to help grow their business. FastCoat expands the traditional range of FastGrind by allowing eye care professionals to offer polycarbonate lenses. The addition of polycarbonate to their FastGrind capacity will add a new profit center to their business.

Before this system, practices were limited to paying for hard coaters that were bulky and expensive or giving the order to a lab hence losing most of the profit. Now with FastCoat both of those problems are solved.

FastCoat is low cost and fits on a countertop measuring only 27” x 24” x 27”. FastCoat makes utilizing FastGrind more appealing than ever before by offering a wider variety of quality products.

The easy to use system is manually operated with minimal training required. In fact, after watching a short video tutorial anyone is able to operate FastCoat, just like its counterpart FastGrind. The growth potential for optical dispensaries that implement the combination of both FastGrind and FastCoat is huge when compared with any equipment they are likely to purchase in 2013.

For more information, visit www.superoptical.com.

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