Transitions unveils new consumer website to serve as guide to family of products

February 27, 2013

Transitions Optical, Inc. is providing an enhanced user experience and more in-depth education on the Transitions® family of products via its re-launched www.Transitions.com website.

Applying insights gained through consumer feedback and tracking studies, the site features a detailed breakdown on each Transitions® lens product, fresh imagery and greater usability, including a way for consumers to search for an eye care professional who carries the lens brands that best fit their interests.

“The new site will make it easier for visitors to learn about our family of brands and help them understand which lens options may be right for their lifestyle,” said Dan McLean, senior marketing manager – communications, Transitions Optical. “Based on consumer feedback we’ve improved navigation, added new demonstration features for our everyday and sunwear products, added new content to help consumer better understand the technology and upgraded our practice locator.”

Sections on the various photochromic technologies employed by the family of products, and a feature that enables consumers to compare the products’ benefits to choose which will best meet their needs, are designed to give consumers a more comprehensive digital experience before they arrive at their eye care professional’s office.

To further promote the lens choices available to patients, in addition to providing contact information for the nearest Transitions lens dispensing practices, the new eye care professional locator also details which of the Transitions lens products are carried at each location.

More than 125,000 – or one in six – visitors to the Transitions site searched for an eye care professional in 2012.

Other new features include answers to frequently asked questions, search functionality and the ability for consumers to share and read product reviews.

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  1. […] Transitions unveils new consumer website to serve as guide to family of products […]

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