ABB Concise, Optical Distributor Group announce merger

February 26, 2013

ABB Concise and Optical Distributor Group (ODG) announced their merger effective Dec. 28, 2012. By consolidating the efforts and strengths of these two companies, ABB Concise and ODG will be able to deliver more services and programs to help the eye care professional better compete in this competitive marketplace.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that this merger will create to help us achieve our common vision of helping eye care professionals compete,” said Angel Alvarez, chief executive officer of ABB Concise. “This merger is an investment in the future for our customers because it combines the strengths of our two companies as we continue to focus on our core strategy of bringing new products, services and practice building tools to our combined customer base. Our leadership teams are enthusiastic about building a platform that our customers can trust and will be an overall win for them and our industry.”

“ODG has always prided itself on providing the highest level of service in the industry by offering innovative programs to help the eye care professional successfully compete, retain patients and improve profitability,” said Jeff Rems, president and chief operating officer of ODG. “This merger with ABB Concise only strengthens that philosophy of being a trusted ‘business partner’ to eye care professionals. ABB Conciseshares these same initiatives, and we’re excited to bring new programs and services to increase efficiency and profitability in today’s competitive environment.”

This merger brings together more than 120 sales professionals delivering the common vision of helping eye care professionals improve practice performance.

As the companies work to create an even better organization, there will be no disruption of service.

Customers will continue communicating with the same customer service and sales representatives with each company they have prior to the merger. Business will remain as usual.

For additional information, visit www.abbconcise.com and www.opticaldg.com.

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