Wisc. OD “paid” with painting

February 17, 2013

Lund artHave a unique barter to share? Post on AOAConnect

Retired Wisconsin optometrist Willard Lund, O.D., dropped the AOA a note recently, recalling a patient who had “paid” for prescription sunglasses with an original painting.

As Dr. Lund retells it, “The artist Mike Skalitzky offered to paint me a picture for a pair of prescription sunglasses. He asked me what I would like and I told him to render a painting of my profession. After giving him various ideas, he came up with this unusual painting.”

Dr. Lund said he interprets “the sun as the source of light, the eye the receptor, the standard E in various configurations, the dove and clock show a peaceful occupation but regulated by schedules.”

Now 88, Dr. Lund thought his fellow optometrists might have their own tales of unusual barters or forms of payment.

Got a story to share? Check out the discussion on AOAConnect under the Paintings for Eye Care…and Other Forms of Barter thread in “General Topics.” (Log in to AOAConnect with your email or member number; use your mmddyy birthdate as password. If you are an AOA member, you are automatically a member of AOAConnect!) Click “Reply to Discussion” to add your thoughts, and feel free to share images as well!


  1. Very nice article Uncle Bill. Marty & Debbie Lund.

    • Interesting to see this published in this National magazine.

  2. As the Artist, I would also like to add that the ladder represents climbing the ladder to success, and the stairway represents a stairway to heaven. Also we love our work but we are also in a sense chained to our professions. It was fun working with Dr. Lund on this project.

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