GP Specialists introduces the iSee™ Ortho-k CL

January 26, 2013

GP Specialists, an industry leader in orthokeratology, has developed an advanced ortho-k lens design that has been shown to correct patients with high myopic powers. The new iSee™ Ortho-k lens is based on its U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Fargo™ ortho-k contact lens.

The iSee™ corneal reshaping design incorporates a more aggressive treatment zone that allows practitioners to treat patients with higher degrees of myopia, thus increasing the number of likely candidates for ortho-k treatment.

“I’m very excited to take what I have learned over the years and incorporate it into an advanced ortho-k lens design,” said Mark Cosgrove, director of operations at GP Specialists. “We are seeing some amazing results. I believe this design is unique in the industry, can provide faster results and also promote healthy long-term wear for the patient.”

Alice Cusner, O.D., from Village Vision Care in Cranton, Mass., agreed with the amazing results.

“In only two weeks, I was able to correct a high myopic 9-year-old girl’s vision using iSee lenses,” she said. “My patient and her parents are ecstatic!”

“We rebranded the Fargo™ ortho-k lens to the iSee™ ortho-k brand in an effort to make orthokeratology a more consumer-friendly eye treatment solution,” said Cosgrove. “Hopefully the entire ortho-k industry will benefit from our marketing efforts.”

The Fargo™ and now iSee™ brand ortho-k lenses are FDA approved up to -3.00, while extended powers are manufactured as doctor customized designs.

More information is available at www.gpspecialists.com or by calling 800-889-0379.

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