AOAExcel™ introduces Spotlight online product review service free to AOA members

January 15, 2013

bl graph 1By AOAExcel staff

Why Spotlight, why now? Too often, optometrists are the last to learn about how eye care products truly perform.

The process is informal and often clouded by conflicting opinions and in-market “noise.”

bl graph 2It may take many months to weed out the good from the bad in order for the greater OD community to embrace these new products.

Spotlight is intended to accelerate product and service performance awareness and provide optometrists with a timely and reliable source for this information.

It is important to note that neither the AOA nor AOAExcel™ has any influence over the review outcomes.

We simply select the product or service to review based on the interests of members or if we learn of a new product being introduced in the market.

We coordinate the evaluation process, collect the feedback, and present it to our members on ExcelOD.com.

If you would like to be part of our review panel, visit www.ExcelOD.com/join-our-panel and fill out the questionnaire to be considered.

Test-driving Biotrue™ ONEday daily disposable

In September 2012, AOAExcel™ selected Bausch + Lomb’s newest daily disposable contact lens, Biotrue™ ONEday, for our first Spotlight feature.
We worked with Bausch + Lomb to obtain and distribute product fit kits to the 14 AOA member doctors who volunteered to participate in the trial.

The product evaluation process consisted of the doctors fitting select patients with the contact lenses. The patients and doctors were both then asked to complete separate product evaluation surveys.

To date, 236 patients have been fitted with the trial lenses, and approximately 36 percent have shared their experiences and opinions.

Thirteen of the doctors have also shared their feedback on the more technical aspects of the contact lenses.

In addition to completing surveys, some of the participating doctors provided us with candid testimonials about the lenses.

One doctor had this to say: “It is amazing that now in 2012, with the bar raised so many times that Bausch + Lomb has still found a way to make not just a slight improvement, but a significant one.”

In order to learn more about Bausch + Lomb’s position on this new product, we had an in-depth discussion with Michael Pier, O.D., director of Professional Relations.

Dr. Pier shared the many unique features and benefits that, in his opinion, set this product apart from other daily disposables in the market.

A quantum leap over the competition?

Yup, that’s what one another one of the doctors had to say. Our findings reflect that the overwhelming majority of patients and doctors were extremely satisfied with various features of Biotrue™ ONEday.

To learn more about the trial results, test methodology, doctor testimonials, and details from our discussion with Dr. Pier, visit www.ExcelOD.com/Spotlight.


No products are endorsed by either the American Optometric Association or its wholly owned subsidiary, AOAExcel. The Spotlight program is administered by an independent third party. All opinions shared through Spotlight are derived directly from doctor and patient feedback. Neither the AOA nor AOAExcel have any role in shaping those opinions.

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