A half century of advocacy

January 9, 2013

kennedyWilliam R. Elizondo, O.D., a regular attendee of the AOA Congressional Advocacy Conference in the nation’s capital each year, has been a staunch advocate for optometry for more than a half century. This image taken by Alexander Arroyos on Nov. 21, 1963, at a League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) gala at Houston’s Rice Hotel chronicles what was likely the first time a U.S. president officially acknowledged Latinos as an important voting bloc as well as the last evening appearance by President John F. Kennedy.

With his hand outstretched, AOA member Dr. Elizondo is pictured standing between President Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon Johnson (at right), with Mrs. Kennedy next to her husband (at left).

The AOA salutes Dr. Elizondo’s commitment to patients and the profession. To learn how you can advocate alongside Dr. Elizondo and hundreds of other AOA Federal Keypersons across the country, contact the AOA Washington office at 800-365-2219 or email ImpactWashingtonDC@aoa.org.

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