AOA Advocacy Group Webinar: The 2012 Election Results and Your Practice

January 6, 2013

The AOA was recognized last year as being one of the most respected and effective advocacy groups in Washington, D.C., for its legislative and regulatory accomplishments and for outworking groups with an anti-optometry agenda.

Just days after the 2012 national elections, AOA members heard directly from the profession’s experts on how the results will change the national political landscape, alter the nation’s health care policy priorities, and impact optometry practices across the country.

AOA President-Elect Mitch Munson, O.D., Advocacy Group chairs, and Washington office staff led a post-election, members-only webinar to discuss how the election results will influence health care policy decisions at the federal level and AOA-backed provisions that have become law over the last four years, including inclusion of ODs in Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) provider incentives, the new pediatric vision essential health benefit and the Harkin provider non-discrimination law.

Dr. Munson was joined by State Government Relations Chair Bobby Jarrell, O.D.; AOA Federal Relations Chair Roger Jordan, O.D.; AOA Third Party Center Executive Committee Chair Steve Montaquila, O.D.; and Jon Hymes, director of the AOA Washington office.

AOA members can playback or download the AOA Advocacy Group webinar “The 2012 Election Results and Your Practice” at http://bit.ly/Zh7q3b. A link to the webinar can also be found under the health reform resources section on the AOA’s health reform webpage at www.aoa.org/reform.

For more information, contact Brian Reuwer of the AOA Washington office at breuwer@aoa.org or 703-837-1343.

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