Gulden introduces compact, low-cost diagnostic exophthalmometer

December 30, 2012

Dual Leudde  Case 2Gulden Ophthalmics – a company with more than 70 years’ experience and service providing ophthalmic devices for professionals that save time and help provide better patient care – has introduced a new, compact-size exophthalmometer that provides advantages over competitive devices, yet is priced significantly less.

The Dual Luedde Exophthalmometer from Gulden is a diagnostic tool that reliably measures the exophthalmos – the distance between the apex of the cornea compared to the external orbital canthus (orbital notch). By measuring and comparing the eye’s exact protrusion out of the orbit (degree of proptosis) and tracking its degree of forward or backward displacement the vision care professional can assess retrobulbar, space-occupying conditions such as inflammation, hemorrhaging, orbital lesions and tumors, or Grave’s disease.

The Dual Luedde Exophthalmometer requires no special techniques, skills, or extensive training.

The normal range is between 12 mm and 21 mm and a difference between the eyes greater than 2 mm is considered significant in the treatment of diseases affecting the exophthalmos.

The Dual Luedde Exophthalmometer provides the ability to measure both eyes, but is priced approximately one-half or less of the cost of other exophthalmometers.

The Dual Luedde Exophthalmometer from Gulden includes a sturdy metal backbone and two clear side scales that make measurement easy and quick.

The head width adjustment includes a scale to permit repeatable setting of the distance from right to left orbital notch.

Included with the Dual Luedde Exophthalmometer are detailed instructions for use and a protective storage case.

For more information about this product and its use, visit Gulden’s website at www.guldenophthalmics.com or email info@guldenophthalmics.com.

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