Menicon to partner with Art Optical

December 29, 2012

Menicon America, Inc. announced Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) as a new authorized manufacturer of its Rose K lenses.

“We are delighted to have Art Optical as an Authorized Rose K Manufacturer,” said Jonathan Jacobson, president of Menicon America. “Art Optical’s strong commitment to the specialty lens segment, quality manufacturing and high standard for professional education makes them an ideal additional partner for Rose K in North America.”

Art Optical joins Blanchard Contact Lens Inc. (Manchester, N.H.) and Les Laboratoires Blanchard (Sherbrooke, Quebec) as the third Rose K manufacturer in North America.

Rose K is the single most frequently prescribed lens design for correction of keratoconus and irregular cornea conditions in the world.

Currently sold in 88 countries, the Rose K family of lenses consists of five designs, including Rose K, K2 (keratoconus), PG (post graft), IC (irregular cornea), and NC (nipple cone).

The addition of Art Optical as a licensed manufacturer coincides with the upcoming introduction of the Rose K2 XL semi-scleral design that will be launched at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas in January 2013.

“We look forward to working closely with Menicon to support our combined efforts,” said Jill Anastor, president of Art Optical. “Menicon shares Art’s passion for providing the highest quality products, safety and convenience for patients”

For more information, visit Menicon’s new website at www.meniconamerica.com.

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