Hopping to AOA members: Tell Congress to move beyond partisan differences, act now to avert massive Medicare pay cuts

December 21, 2012

AOA President Ronald L. Hopping, O.D., MPH, is asking the nation’s optometrists to contact their representatives in Congress and urge immediate, bipartisan action to avert massive Medicare physician payment cuts now on track to take effect at the end of this year.

Without congressional action, optometrists and other physicians face a nearly 27 percent cut in Medicare payments next year as a result of the program’s flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment formula. An additional 2 percent Medicare payment reduction is also projected as part of larger “across-the-board” cuts mandated under a 2011 deficit-reduction law.

AOA Federal Keypersons and Washington office staffers are already meeting with White House and Capitol Hill leaders in an effort to prevent the planned cuts, but need help from practicing optometrists across the nation, Dr. Hopping said in a Dec. 21 email message to AOA members.

“Your elected leaders need to hear directly from you, as voters and well-regarded members of your respective communities, that we all must work together in a bipartisan fashion to avert looming Medicare physician payment cuts and ensure a strong Medicare program for future generations,” Dr. Hopping said.

Dr. Hopping urges AOA member optometrists to make their voices heard through the AOA’s Online Legislative Action Center, clicking on the “take action” button under the “fix the Medicare physician payment system now” heading to immediately send letters to their elected leaders. Dr. Hopping’s compete message to the nation’s optometrists can be accessed at www.aoa.org. AOA members with questions should contact Dr. Hopping or the AOA Washington office at 800-365-2219 or ImpactWashingtonDC@aoa.org.

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