Transitions offers Vantage processing video tutorials

December 13, 2012

transitions vantageTransitions Optical’s newest everyday adaptive product, Transitions® Vantage™ lenses require different processing than other Transitions® adaptive lenses, and Transitions created short video tutorials on how to properly align the lenses – ensuring that patients receive the maximum polarization benefits.

The videos are available at www.TransitionsVantage.com and cover the following topics:

  • Laboratory surfacing and edging: ensuring proper alignment of a semi-finished Transitions Vantage lens
  • In-office edging: guidelines for in-office finishing of an uncut Transitions Vantage lens
  • Inspection for proper alignment: what to look for during the final inspection
  • Presenting Transitions Vantage lenses: tips for talking about the lenses and how to identify a Transitions Vantage lens patient

New Transitions Vantage lenses demo tools are also available (a glare simulator and lens lorgnette) helping eye care professionals explain the new technology.

How the new tools work 

The lens lorgnette and glare simulator can help eye care professionals show that Transitions® Vantage™ lenses not only darken but also polarize. By asking patients to look through the lens lorgnette at the glare simulator in the indoor state (prior to activation), they will notice the lenses are virtually clear and there is a lot of glare in the picture. By activating the lorgnette and asking patients to look at the glare simulator again, they will be able to see that the glare in the image has been reduced.

“I’ve found that the added benefit of polarization broadens the target audience for Transitions® lens products,” said Joseph Smay, O.D., founder and director, Family Eye Care. “It adds a ‘cool’ factor for patients interested in photochromic lenses, new products and technologies. I think Transitions Vantage lenses will help drive sales for our office and increase interest in photochromics overall.”

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