Industry Profile: VisionWeb

December 12, 2012

vwVisionWeb is the leading provider of software and technology services to streamline and simplify the eye care industry. With easy-to-use electronic solutions, ophthalmic product ordering and insurance transaction processing have never been easier. Our services have proven to help eye care practices, laboratories, manufacturers, and payers drive out inefficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their bottom line. Recognizing the benefits of our services, the AOA partnered with VisionWeb to help bring these benefits and more to AOA members through special programs designed just for you.

Online Claim Filing Solutions

VisionWeb’s online claim filing solutions help eye care providers process claims and manage billing procedures online with more efficiency. This complete suite of services offers everything a practice needs to expedite the billing cycle and automate these important functions:

  • Claim submission through direct data entry or practice management upload
  • Patient eligibility and authorization verification
  • Claim tracking in real-time
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) management
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Electronic claim filing through VisionWeb increases claim acceptance rates and decreases reimbursement time; ultimately giving eye care providers better control of this vital part of their business. AOA members that enroll with VisionWeb as a new customer will receive $0 enrollment fees and 15 percent off monthly fees – an instant savings of $370! (Practices already filing claims with VisionWeb are eligible for the 15 percent monthly fee discount.) These offers are available exclusively for AOA members!

Online Ophthalmic Product Ordering

With connections to more than 400 spectacle lens, contact lens, and frames suppliers, VisionWeb allows practices to experience the benefits of online ordering while still doing business with suppliers they already know and trust. VisionWeb’s online ordering service is equipped with various useful features that allow you to:

  • Integrate your practice management system and order directly to all of your suppliers
  • Access current order status information to track jobs through fulfillment
  • Attach trace files to your spectacle lens order to ensure accurate processing
  • Keep your buying group discounts and special pricing with your suppliers

VisionWeb’s online ordering service is 100 percent free to use. It is the most convenient way to order and helps improve order accuracy and reduce turnaround time.

VisionWeb’s AOA Royalty Program

The VisionWeb AOA Royalty Program allows AOA Members to earn non-dues revenue for their state affiliate, just for ordering on VisionWeb. With every 1,200 orders placed per practice, per year, VisionWeb will pay a 2 percent royalty on the transaction fee paid by suppliers. In 2012, VisionWeb made the largest royalty payment in the program’s history, paying $60,822 to participating state affiliates. Each state affiliate must agree to participate in the program in order to receive these royalties.

AOA State Affiliates that would like to learn more about the royalty program, or enroll, are encouraged to contact VisionWeb at marketing@visionweb.com for more information.

VisionWeb is proud to support the AOA and is dedicated to providing services that help independent eye care providers succeed. Visit www.visionweb.com to learn more.

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