Industry Profile: Shamir

November 13, 2012

We believe that it has never been more important for ODs to understand the technological advancements that have taken place with progressive lens technology, specifically Shamir technology. This understanding ultimately translates into a better overall patient experience.

It has always been our objective and priority to provide our customers with three key elements: cutting-edge progressive lens technology at any given time, superior customer care, and the best educational programs available for the optical market. Since our founding in Israel in the 1970s, Shamir has introduced a wealth of progressive addition lenses (PALs) integrated with advanced technological design elements. All of our lens designs start with our patented EyePoint Technology®, a software program that simulates the movement of the human eye in every angle and distance, delivering lenses with uncompromised visual acuity. From our first breakthrough, Shamir Genesis™, which topped independent analyst studies, to Shamir Autograph II® and Shamir Creation®, which have both won the Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) Award of Excellence for Best Lens Design, EyePoint Technology® is “the design inside” each one of our lenses and what we believe puts Shamir lenses in a class all their own.

Most recently, however, the talk of the industry has been Shamir’s ultimate design: our Freeform® lens known as Shamir Autograph II®. Branded as “Your Personal Lifestyle Lens™,” this family of individually back-surface designed lenses includes the patient’s personal attributes in each lens, along with two built-in technologies, truly providing the most customized PAL on the market today. As-Worn Technology™ fine tunes a patient’s prescription by calculating three distinct measurements into the design (vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and panoramic angle). As-Worn Technology™ is an advancement that only a true research and development company like Shamir can make, which we believe takes Freeform® lenses to the next level.

When it comes to the field, we’re also making large advancements. We hire account executives who have strong optical backgrounds and put them through extensive training in both EyePoint Technology® and Shamir’s Core Values (SCV). With the help of our 300 partnering labs, we work together to raise industry awareness of progressive, occupational and specialized lenses. We are proud of our industry-leading Freeform® Certification Program that educates eye care professionals like you with the technology used in the creation of our patient-specific line of premium progressive lenses. To date, we have certified more than 7,500 participants in close to 3,000 practices. The industry is obviously eager to learn more about how their patients will benefit from Freeform®, and we are more than willing to assist.

In short, we strive every day to live up to our motto of ReCreating Perfect Vision®. It’s a vision we share with you. The optical industry is constantly changing, and we would like nothing more than to assist you and your practice in understanding how to stay on top with technology.

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