A recognized political force, optometry leaves its mark on 2012 congressional elections

November 7, 2012

The AOA is well positioned to continue to work with President Obama and his administration to advance optometry’s priorities at the federal level. Over the last eight politically volatile years, through periods of Republican-led, Democratic-led and divided government in Washington, D.C., the AOA has made sure optometry’s concerns are heard loud and clear, and has gotten results.

For its part, AOA-PAC does not support presidential candidates, but is well-known for its involvement in congressional races across the country and for backing the campaigns of candidates who back optometry. AOA-PAC remains the only federal political action committee solely committed to helping optometry’s friends win and hold their seats in Congress. AOA-PAC has been working overtime to maximize optometry’s impact on congressional races in all 50 states.

In this election cycle, AOA members invested nearly $2 million into AOA-PAC, with significant leadership from a record number of Visionary investors, enabling AOA-PAC to support 343 candidates on the ballot and to achieve a 90 success rate.

Optometry’s impact on the 2012 elections follows the AOA’s recognition this year as being one of the most respected and effective advocacy groups in Washington, D.C., for its legislative and regulatory accomplishments and for outworking groups with an anti-optometry agenda.

For the full “day after” election report from the AOA, including victory reports from the campaign trail, visit http://bit.ly/PXyBxa.

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