HOD adopts 3 resolutions, 3 substantive motions

October 29, 2012

The AOA House of Delegates adopted 3 resolutions and 3 substantive motions during the 115th Congress of the American Optometric Association, June 27 to July 1, 2012, in Chicago.

Resolution 1 of 2012
Endorsement of Procedures, Instruments, Products, Business Entities and Affinity Programs
This resolution updated the policy of the association regarding the endorsement of programs of benefit to the members which are not provided directly to the patients or used in patient care. For ease of understanding, the policy on endorsements was removed from the lengthy and detailed “conflict of interest” resolution.

Resolution 2 of 2012
Restrictions on Certain Activities of Trustees, Officers and Volunteers of the American Optometric Association
This resolution continued unchanged the existing “conflict of interest” provisions and procedures.

Resolution 3 of 2012
Sharing of Net Profits Generated From AOA-Provided Internet-Based Continuing Education
This resolution, submitted by the Indiana Optometric Association, declared that any net profits from AOA continuing education provided over the Internet are to be shared equally between AOA and the Affiliate of the member taking the course.

Substantive Motion 2012-M-1
The Board of Trustees to Reaffirm and Defend the Physician Status of Optometrists

Substantive Motion 2012-M-2
The American Optometric Association Respectfully Calls Upon the American Optometric Society to Join With the American Optometric Association in Petitioning Judge to Correct Order, and to Affirm Physician Status of Doctors of Optometry

For further information on these two motions see “Risks continue as board certification case goes to trial,” AOA News, July 2012, page 14.

Substantive Motion 2012-M-3
Directs AOA Board of Trustees to Continue to Refine a Model of Continuing Education Accreditation
For further information on this motion see “Big Question at Optometry’s Meeting®: who accredits CE providers?” AOA News, July 2012, page 7.

AOA Judicial Council approval
As required by the AOA Bylaws, the AOA Judicial Council has reviewed the three resolutions and three substantive motions, and has voted unanimously to “make effective” each of them.

Full text of resolutions and substantive motions
The full text of the 2012 resolutions and substantive motions will be published in an upcoming online edition of Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association.

The two resolutions honoring Phil Keefer on his retirement from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and his support of InfantSEE® were adopted by the AOA Board of Trustees and by Optometry Cares® – the AOA Foundation. Keefer addressed the AOA House of Delegates where he was applauded for his many years of service. For further information see “House honors Keefer’s work for InfantSEE®, profession,” AOA News, July 2012, page 26.

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