Ohio Optometric Association program has ‘Cincinnati Students Seeing Well’

October 23, 2012

From left, Jason Singh, O.D, senior director, OneSight; Cincinnati City Council Member Wendell Young; Terri A. Gossard, O.D., OOA board member; Don Holmes, executive director for the Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation; and Todd Albertz, director of surgical services, Cincinnati Eye Institute.

Ohio’s “Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” program addresses the need to increase awareness for parents, guardians, community members and Cincinnati public school staff about the importance of eye care for students with the goal of ensuring that all children are as good as they can be visually.

This is a significant challenge. Only one out of seven children in Ohio have had an eye exam prior to entering school, and upon graduation, only 50 percent have received a comprehensive eye examination.

Students in low-income communities are at higher risk of having undetected eye problems.

In Cincinnati public schools, 75 percent of children fall below the national poverty line and the school nurse is often the only lifeline to health services.

“Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” supports eye exams for children who have failed a vision screening, and not received follow-up care with an eye doctor.

Services are provided at the newly created OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School, the first school-based vision center in Ohio. The Vision Center opened Oct. 1, 2012.

The OneSight Operations team, from left, are Paul Case; Melissa Standridge; Leona Dockery; Dawn Yager; David Berumen; Angie Hartman, senior manager, Operations, OneSight; and Scott Lawrence. In addition to Hartman, this team consists of project managers who lead operational projects in preparation and on-site. They travel 75 percent of the time.

Partners in the planning process for the Vision Center include the Ohio Optometric Association (OOA), the Cincinnati Health Department, Oyler School, Cincinnati Public Schools, the Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation and OneSight.

In support of the “Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” program, the OOA received a 2012 Healthy Eyes Healthy People® grant in the amount of $3,800 to help with publicity and other final details in preparing the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School for operation.

Vision Center educational materials and information about the “Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” program are being communicated through local media including radio, television and newspapers.

Staffing at the Vision Center includes an optometrist, ophthalmic technician, optician and front desk/office coordinator.

Comprehensive vision and medical eye examinations including eye glass prescriptions, vision therapy services and a selection of eye wear is provided on a sliding fee scale consistent with ability to pay.

Congratulations to Terri A. Gossard, O.D., and the OOA for receiving a HEHP grant for the “Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” program. Dr. Gossard practices at Eye Care Associates of Greater Cincinnati.

Staff installs equipment at the OneSight Vision Center in Cincinnati.

For more information about the “Cincinnati Students Seeing Well” program, contact Dr. Gossard at Tgosst@aol.com.

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  1. Iregret that I’m just finding your website. I am an educator that was trained in vision therapy and am thrilled that you have taken the initiative to address such a serious issue. I would love to visit your facility and offer my services as a volunteer.
    Carolyn Teague Ed.D

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