Industry Profile: Marchon

October 8, 2012

Profits lie hidden in your frame boards
Here’s how to get them out…

The optical industry is full of frames of every conceivable shape, color and size, some are very profitable to feature in your dispensary and some are costing you money. The Marchon sales team has helped thousands of our accounts to maximize their frame boards.

How do they do it?

It’s no secret that large retail chains have made it more difficult for independent eye care professionals to compete. For several years, Marchon has been working and training our sales reps to go beyond showing frames and to bring retail tactics and strategies to our accounts.

It is fairly common knowledge that the Marchon Sales team offers brands your patients want from popular names such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nautica and Disney for children, to high end and exclusive collections such as FENDI, Jil Sander and Emilio Pucci, while also bringing innovation to the industry with products such as Flexon, Airlock and Ultra Clip. But there is more to generating profits than just the right product …success includes great retailing.

  • Perfect product presentation is key to having a successful retail optical environment. When a patient walks in the door, is reception easily accessible? Do they instantly feel welcome? Once they have checked in and filled out paperwork, do they have access to the retail area? Can they begin shopping while they are waiting?
  • How do you determine which brands to carry? How many frames to display? How many men’s, women’s and children’s? We think you will agree, making a mistake on brands and assortment can waste your financial and board space resources. Marchon’s “4 Keys to Inventory Control” booklet is an excellent guide to help you determine your product mix based on your demographics and business volume in addition to providing you with inventory management strategies. This booklet can be downloaded for FREE from the Marchon MVP website.
  • What about product placement within the dispensary? Watch your patient flow. Where do they go first when they enter the retail area? This is where you should display your high-end women’s fashion brands. Women age 30+ spend the most money on eyewear and fashion accessories. Next should be men’s fashion, then sport, then children’s. Sunglasses should be easily accessible and displayed in a designated “SunCenter” area or in multiple places throughout the office. “Commodity” product used to meet insurance needs, etc., should be displayed on frame boards or in trays in the area with the least traffic.

Once you have the right product, in the right place in your dispensary, you have the seeds for success. Now you need to cultivate daily to maximize profits including:

  • staff training and incentives
  • visual merchandising
  • in store events and more.

This can be easier than you think. You see at Marchon we believe in borrowing from classic business strategies:
“You have a dollar. I have a dollar. We swap. Now you have my dollar and I have yours. We are no better off. You have an idea. I have an idea. We swap. Now you have two ideas. I have two ideas. That’s the difference.”

Your Marchon team is ready to provide ideas and resources, because your success is our success. Call us today at 800-645-1300.

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