S.C. OD educates patients on importance of UV protection

September 26, 2012

Dr. Click, center, and her staff participate in the Mount Pleasant Children’s Day Festival held every October.

Mount Pleasant, S.C., optometrist Rachael Click, O.D., has succeeded in making her practice stand out in just four short years.

Originally from Indiana, Dr. Click knew she needed to find a way to draw patients into her practice from her new Southern town.

“I needed to get my face out there, so I decided to do that through community service and health fairs,” she said. “They have been instrumental in growing my practice.”

Dr. Click estimated 90 percent of her practice is made up of very young families.

“They’re pretty healthy individuals with two or three kids, so my focus is on preserving their sight,” she said.

Most of the community events in which Dr. Click’s practice, Preferred EyeCare Center, participates are geared toward families and children.

The Mount Pleasant Children’s Day Festival is held every October and started out as a safe place for children to go trick-or-treating, but has now evolved into a community event with vendors, games, performances, and other activities.

“It’s really a day to celebrate children,” said Dr. Click. “We have a booth, give out candy, and hold a raffle for the hot toy of the year. It’s a great way to market to our audience and include a message about the importance of having your eyes tested.”

Dr. Click’s practice passes out candy along with the message to get children’s eyes tested.

Dr. Click also participates in business expos, health fairs and a local program called “Christmas Commandos.”

“Christmas Commandos is for children who have lost a parent in the last year to make sure they get a Christmas,” explained Dr. Click. “Santa visits their house with gifts. Our practice is a drop site for those who wish to donate gifts for the children.”

Dr. Click finds that this brings many into the practice who may not normally stop in.

And even in the winter, Mount Pleasant, S.C., is a sunny place to live.

Dr. Click uses the Southern climate to create a connection between the need for ultraviolet (UV) protection and healthy sight.

“I recommend UV protection to every patient regardless of age or profession,” Dr. Click said.

Dr. Click often describes sunwear and Transitions® lenses as “sunscreen” for the eyes, which helps communicate the importance of UV protection in a way that resonates with patients.

“Not only do people understand it, but they believe it,” she said. “When they come back in, they tell me they remember it from last year.”

Dr. Click’s UV patient education has been so successful that her practice was named the 2011 Transitions Eyecare Practice of the Year.

“Our patients take what we recommend to heart, so we haven’t experienced much hesitation when we talk about Transitions lenses as the ideal, everyday pair of eyewear,” said Dr. Click. “Everyone on my staff believes in the Transitions brand and wears the product – which I think is one of most powerful messages we can send our patients.”

To support Preferred EyeCare Center in continuing its healthy sight efforts in its community in 2012, Transitions Optical provided the practice with a $1,000 grant through the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life™ Fund.

“Transitions has really good branding, especially for young practices,” said Dr. Click. “It’s a recognized brand, and patients can focus on the options that are best for them. It’s a good partnership.”

Now that her practice has found its niche in UV protection, Dr. Click recognizes the difference that consistent, solid patient care and education makes.

“That’s why we’re here today,” she said. “It’s really a team effort. I rely on my staff a lot. The world’s a better place when people look out for each other.”

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