VisionWeb online ordering now available using Safari

September 18, 2012

VisionWeb announced its online ophthalmic product ordering service is now compatible with Apple Computer’s default Web browser Safari.

In the last five years, Apple Computers have quickly become commonplace in many practices, but the default Web browser, Safari, has limited eye care providers’ ability to fully reap the benefits of online ophthalmic ordering through VisionWeb.

With this new compatibility, VisionWeb hopes to make convenient online spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame ordering a reality for as many practices as possible – regardless of their technology preferences.

“VisionWeb’s ophthalmic product ordering service being compatible with Safari is very exciting news for eye care providers” said Julia Crawford, director of Product Strategy at VisionWeb. “This new compatibility not only means that Mac users will no longer have to download additional software to order products on VisionWeb, but that eye care providers will also have more technology options to choose from when implementing new hardware.”

VisionWeb’s Safari browser compatibility works for Apple desktops and laptops wanting to use VisionWeb’s spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame ordering services, but is not currently available for VisionWeb’s electronic claim filing service or Apple iPad and iPhone devices.

VisionWeb’s new Safari compatibility also allows Apple computer-using eye care providers to take advantage of their product ordering services full gamut of features, including: 24/7 access to all order and archives, online order tracking, and trace file uploading.

Eye care providers who are not yet VisionWeb members can register for free at http://www.visionweb.com, or by contacting VisionWeb Customer Service at 800-874-6601.

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