Nebraska’s See to Learn® program provides free vision assessments for preschoolers

September 6, 2012

To address health care cost barriers for children and ensure preschoolers have a vision assessment before starting school, the Nebraska Optometric Association (NOA), Nebraska Foundation for Children’s Vision, and the Eye Care Council work together by offering the See to Learn® program.

As a result, more than 11,000 3-year-old children across Nebraska have received free vision assessments since 1997.

According to Alissa Johnson, associate director/ director of communications for the NOA, “The program’s goal is to increase the proportion of children ages 5 years and under who have visited an eye care provider in the preceding 12 months. Preschool vision assessments are important enough that NOA members provide them for free through the See to Learn® program.”

In support of Nebraska’s See to Learn® program, a $3,500 Healthy Eyes Healthy People® (HEHP) grant was recently awarded to offset all See to Learn® expenses, including promotional activities, advertising and customizable tools for participating NOA-member ODs.

The NOA and the Nebraska Foundation for Children’s Vision promote free See to Learn® assessments to parents, caretakers, educators, day care providers and others in the community through activities ranging from newspaper ads, press releases and brochures, to emails, postcards and other promotional materials.

In addition, NOA members are kept informed through See to Learn® conferences, phone calls and regular communications.

“Twenty percent of children entering kindergarten have an undetected vision problem, and this number increases to more than 30 percent by the time those children graduate from high school,” Johnson explained.

Good vision is critical to learning, yet young children often don’t realize they cannot see, and typical pediatric screenings don’t detect many problems.

“To catch vision disorders before the first year of school, Nebraska’s participating See to Learn® optometrists provide free vision assessments for any 3-year-old, regardless of economic status,” said Johnson.

Congratulations to the NOA for receiving a HEHP grant for the Nebraska See to Learn® program.

To learn more about the See to Learn® program, visit www.seetolearn.com or www.nechildrensvision.org.

October is Nebraska’s See to Learn® month

While Nebraska optometrists double their efforts to help children in October, See to Learn® is a national, year-round program where optometrists provide free vision assessments for 3-year-old children to help make sure they have the necessary visual skills to perform to their academic potential.

Optometrists also work to educate parents and others about the warning signs of vision problems in children of all ages.
Parents of 3-year-olds are encouraged to call 800-960-EYES to find a participating See to Learn® optometrist in their area and schedule a free assessment.

These See to Learn® doctors make a difference in Nebraska children’s lives

Terry Adams, O.D., Scottsbluff
Ginny Ahrens, O.D., Omaha
Steve Alcorn, O.D., Fremont
Edgar Alderman, O.D., Minden
Karen Armitage, O.D., Omaha
Mark Arneson, O.D., Lincoln
Andrew Bateman, O.D., Lincoln
John Bateman, O.D., Plattsmouth
Jeremiah Baumfalk, O.D., Lincoln
Kim Baxter, O.D., North Platte
Deborah Bessler, O.D., Crete
Mark Blackledge, O.D., North Platte
Brandon Blair, O.D., Ord
Bradley Blumenstock, O.D., O’Neill
Tamara Bonnes, O.D., Grand Island
Jeff Brewer, O.D., Omaha
Brian Brightman, O.D., Lincoln
Courtney Brightman, O.D., Roca
Richard Brown, O.D., Grand Island
Richard Bunger, O.D., Grand Island
Gregory Burrows, O.D., Benkelman
Tim Burrows, O.D., McCook
Timothy Chancellor, O.D., Chadron
Cheryl Chapman, O.D., Gretna
Paul Colburn, O.D., Scottsbluff
John Crotty, O.D., Auburn
Karen Culbertson, O.D., Omaha
James Devine, O.D., Lincoln
James Dickey, O.D., Chadron
Matthew Dinslage, O.D., Columbus
Nancy Dob, O.D., York
Mindy Dorsey, O.D., Ord
Desinee Drakulich, O.D., Omaha
Donald Ediger, O.D., Lincoln
Evan Evans, O.D., Ainsworth
Ann Feidler-Klein, O.D., Norfolk
Will Ferguson, O.D., Omaha
Janet Fett, O.D., South Sioux City
Roger Filips, O.D., Hartington
Scott French, O.D., North Platte
Jennifer Furstenau, O.D., Pierce
Larry Garrett, O.D., Gothenburg
Teri Geist, O.D., Omaha
Philip Gildersleeve, O.D., O’Neill
Courtney Goetsch, O.D., Norfolk
John Gosnell, O.D., Gothenburg
Steve Gradowski, O.D., Omaha
Dirk Gray, O.D., McCook
Scott Greder, O.D., Omaha
Michael Green, O.D., Scottsbluff
John Gutschenritter, O.D., North Platte
C. Scott Gutshall, O.D., O’Neill
Richard Haney, O.D., Columbus
Ted Harvey, O.D., Lexington
Michael Hausmann, O.D., Lincoln
Brian Hinkley, O.D., Lincoln
Catherine Hinrichs, O.D., Ainsworth
Joshua Hopkins, O.D., Wayne
Chad Hudnall, O.D., Grand Island
Christa Hunnicutt, O.D., Aurora
Brett Hytrek, O.D., Holdrege
Abigail Jackson, O.D., Omaha
Natasha Jenkins Long, O.D., Scottsbluff
Jeffrey Johnson, O.D., Fairbury
Mandy Johnson, O.D., Kearney
Amy Kadavy, O.D., York
Richard Kant, O.D., York
Melinda Kennel, O.D., Broken Bow
Adam Ketteler, O.D., Atkinson
David Kincaid, O.D., South Sioux City
James Kirchner, O.D., Lincoln
Jeff Klein, O.D., Norfolk
Matthew Klemke, O.D., Elkhorn
Jonathan Knutson, O.D., Lincoln
Donald Koeber, O.D., Wayne
Jeffery Kozal, O.D., Kearney
Kerry Krings, O.D., Platte Center
Jaimie Kruger, O.D., Omaha
Marsha Kubica, O.D., Omaha
John Lange, O.D., Lincoln
Wendi Langel, O.D., Omaha
Dawn Langford, O.D., Grand Island
Corey Langford, O.D., Omaha
Jason Langford, O.D., Grand Island
Dean Lauritzen, O.D., West Point
Steven Lehr, O.D., Crete
Heidi Lichtenberg, O.D., Omaha
Slade Lindquist, O.D., Omaha
Cherie Lodl, O.D., Omaha
Larry Magnuson, O.D., Wayne
Todd Mahoney, O.D., Scottsbluff
Tom Malone, O.D., Ogallala
Roger McCartney , O.D., Ord
Craig McCormick, O.D., Holdrege
Tim Meyer, O.D., Grant
William Meyer, O.D., Norfolk
Richard Meyer, O.D., Norfolk
David Michaels, O.D., Omaha
Daniel Mickey, O.D., Columbus
Steve Miller, O.D., Norfolk
Brett Monson, O.D., Omaha
Jessica Moore, O.D., Sutton
Nicole Morrissey, O.D., Beatrice
Creston Myers, O.D., Alliance
Steven Nicholson, O.D., Hastings
Jeff O’Connor, O.D., North Platte
John Paloucek, O.D., Ogallala
Jeffrey Pape, O.D., Norfolk
Gary Pedersen, O.D., Grand Island
Todd Pfeil, O.D., Lincoln
Richard Powell, O.D., Lincoln
Wayne Quincy, O.D., Holdrege
Kimberly Raymond, O.D., Lincoln
Scott Reins, O.D., Lincoln
Douglas Rienks, O.D., Lincoln
Paul Salansky, O.D., Nebraska City
Steven Sandman, O.D., Beatrice
Jeffrey Sanger, O.D., Broken Bow
Jeffrey Saum, O.D., Columbus
Marie Schaaf, O.D., Omaha
Jill Schneider, O.D., Scottsbluff
Robin Schutt, O.D., Grand Island
Donald Scott, O.D., Omaha
Jason Seim, O.D., Lexington
Joseph Shetler, O.D., Gordon
Craig Slepicka, O.D., Seward
Robert Stamm, O.D., McCook
Andrea Steele-Baumann, O.D., Hebron
Mark Stines, O.D., Grand Island
Neil Stuhmer, O.D., Alma
Dustin Suminski, O.D., Grand Island
Anh Taylor, O.D., Omaha
Sharon Tharp, O.D., South Sioux City
Michelle Till, O.D., Omaha
Mark Toelle, O.D., Omaha
Katrina Tomsen, O.D., Norfolk
Kimberly Tucker, O.D., Lincoln
Betsy Turk, O.D., Kearney
Jerry Vaughan, O.D., Kearney
Russell Vetick, O.D., Neligh
Ted Vorhies, O.D., Lincoln
Tiffany Walters, O.D., Syracuse
Steve Wasserburger, O.D., Gering
Kristin Webb, O.D., Lincoln
Jason Webb, O.D., Scottsbluff
Ellen Weiss, O.D., Omaha
Ashley Wilcox, O.D., Lincoln
Keith Wintz, O.D., Seward
Steven Wise, O.D., Lincoln
Heidi Wise, O.D., Lincoln
Donald Witte, O.D., York
Christopher Wolfe, O.D., Omaha
Darren Wright, O.D., Auburn

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