Transitions encourages ECPs to ‘get digital’ with new social media and digital marketing guide

August 27, 2012

The rapid growth of social media and mobile device use in America and across the globe is creating more opportunities for consumers to search for and connect with family, friends, coworkers and businesses at any place or time of the day.

Recognizing this, Transitions Optical, Inc. introduced a new guide book, “Getting Digital: Social Media and Digital Marketing For Your Practice,” to help eye care professionals better understand the different social networking sites and online digital tools available to them and identify which resources can add value to their marketing and patient outreach efforts.

Transitions Optical first began its trade social media initiative in 2009, with the launch of the Transitions Lenses: Healthy Sight Professionals Facebook page and “Putting Your Practice on Facebook,” a beginners guide to social media.

In 2010, Transitions Optical introduced a second guide, “Getting Social: Social Media For Your Practice,” providing the industry with a more in-depth look at the most popular forms of social media.

Now available, the new Getting Digital guide features updated and expanded content, giving eye care professionals an overview of how social tools – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare – work and ideas for leveraging them to connect with patients.

The guide also includes a section on digital tools – such as online daily deal sites, like Groupon or Signpost, Quick Response (QR) codes, and email or text message reminder services – offering eyecare practices new tactics for encouraging patients to think about their eye health and scheduling their next appointment.

“There are social media and digital tools out there for every practice – no matter what your budget or experience – and they can complement marketing and communication efforts already in place,” said Dana Reid, marketing manager, ECP communications, Transitions Optical. “Deciding which areas to focus on does take time, but it’s an investment that can really pay off. Ensuring that you are easily searchable and engaging patients who are on their smartphones or tablet devices is becoming more important.”

The guide also includes sections on how to get started, suggestions for keeping up with new trends, best practices to follow and mistakes to avoid. Getting Digital is available for download through the marketing tools section of Transitions Optical’s trade portal at www.Transitions.com/Pro.

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