VisionWeb offers members tools for running modern billing departments – Are you using them?

August 8, 2012

While many practices may be stuck in the habit of going to multiple sites to manage claims, modern billing departments are embracing the use of clearinghouses and all the efficiency that comes with them. As a practice owner, you need to make sure your staff has the tools and knowledge to run an efficient modern practice. Take a look at what modern practices are doing to get the most out of their claim filing processes.

They take advantage of centralized claim filing

Is your billing department racing across multiple websites to file claims? There is a better way. A clearinghouse, like VisionWeb, is the go-to solution that allows modern practices to check patient eligibility, submit and track claims, and process secondary claims with all of their payers – all in one location! How easy is that?

They have a handle on reporting, analytics

Modern practices know more than just “Paid” or “Rejected” for claims. They are able to keep a close eye on their claims through detailed reporting and analytics that cover all aspects of claims including the number of claims that have been rejected vs. accepted, top payers that are rejecting claims, timeline of claim submission for tracking, and top rejection reasons.

They put their practice management system to work

Practice management software is a significant investment for any practice, and it’s important to get the most for your money. Modern practices put their practice management systems to work and utilize all their capabilities to create batch claim files directly within the system, upload the batch claims and submit directly to payers, and reduce the redundancies associated with rekeying claims.

They utilize electronic remittance advice (ERA)

Paper explanations of benefits (EOBs) are a thing of the past! ERAs simplify the reconciliation and secondary claim filing processes by providing remittance information in a searchable and electronic format, makes it easy to search remits by payer, amount, date, patient, or provider, and gives users the ability to print only the information needed for secondary filing.

How do modern practices do all this? Here at VisionWeb, efficiency and productivity through technology is our specialty, and we know a modern practice when we see one. Don’t let your practice fall behind! As part of the AOA’s Member Advantage team, VisionWeb is dedicated to providing complete electronic claim filing solutions that AOA members can rely on, at a cost that every practice can afford.

AOA members who enroll with VisionWeb as new customers will receive $0 enrollment fees and 15 percent off monthly fees – an instant savings of $370! (Practices already filing claims with VisionWeb are eligible for the 15 percent monthly fee discount.) These offers are available exclusively for AOA members! Contact a VisionWeb enrollment consultant at 800-590-0873 or sales@visionweb.com to learn more or enroll and be sure to mention your AOA membership!

If you are looking for more information about VisionWeb or more solutions for your practice, subscribe to our blog at www.blog.visionweb.com.

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