Company provides best-of-class CPT data, information services

June 15, 2012

By John Rumpakis, O.D.

ReimbursementPlus. com is a comprehensive, Web-based, real-time service that provides up-to-the-minute Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code reimbursement information, all related CPT code data and characteristics, and state-of-the-art information regarding CPT code and medical record-keeping compliance. Compared to any other system available, AOA members will find highly advanced features that are extremely user-friendly.

Smarter navigation. Simpler organization. More visual cues and greater depth of information with increased speed. The cloud-based system is but only one feature that separates us from the rest; no software to install, no data to update, no network or storage issues — ever!

The information ODs need, instantly

With the revolutionary ReimbursementPlus Assistant, the system is the easiest to use as well. We made the information practitioners need instantly available — right at their fingertips in very simple phrases and questions.

No more steep learning curves to get the vital information practices need. The intuitive interface knows the specific CPT data and reimbursement information for every CPT code specific to each ZIP code, and our proprietary Fee Schedule Analyzer™ ensures all fee-setting decisions are made as objective business decisions based on real-time data. On average, our users save nearly five hours per week of valuable staff time and experience an estimated 47 percent increase in profitability, while keeping safe and compliant within CPT code guidelines.

Don’t waste valuable time searching for this information— let the ReimbursementPlus system bring it directly to the practice. No more uncertainty about which rules apply to a practice. ODs see only the information that applies to their practice— the critical information to have when making important business and clinical decisions throughout the day.

Reimbursement isn’t everything — information is!

Think about this. Medical record compliance is one of the most important issues facing practitioners today, and the only way to be compliant is to have the most current, thorough information specific to your practice.

Having real-time information is not only essential, but absolutely critical in keeping your practice safe, and ReimbursementPlus has the most comprehensive compilation of real-time CPT data available.

We now provide the complete history of every CPT code so practitioners will instantly know if a code has been deleted, changed, modified or replaced by a new code. We are also again leading the way with our proprietary ICD-9 to ICD-10 converter that instantly converts any ICD-9 or ICD-10 code into the other complementary code set.

Hassle-free installation, updates

How about having to deal with no installation or update issues? Our cloud-based system ensures there’s never any software to install or update.

Each and every part of ReimbursementPlus is completely Web-based and continually updated. Each and every time subscribers log in to their custom profile, they can be assured the information is the most current available.

The best for last

ReimbursementPlus.com has a customized version of all this technology specifically for AOA members.
The AOA.Reimburse mentPlus.com Suite offers a premium service at a significant discount to AOA members.
There is no other system like it today.

Subscribe today at AOA.ReimbursementPlus.com.

Market demographic resource

AOA members can access resources through AOA alliance partner Wells Fargo Practice Finance:
Get the latest local population and competitor statistics for your potential practice location from Wells Fargo Practice Finance. Their comprehensive Market Data Report provides current and relevant data about the area surrounding your practice location. This information can be very valuable in the selection, growth or sale of a practice, the development of a business plan, and the creation of a marketing plan. And it’s free with your completed application.

All practice financing is subject to credit approval.

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