AOA announces launch of online point-of-care tool

June 1, 2012

The AOA is pleased to announce that members have access to an advanced point-of-care tool called Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand, the AOA’s online resource service for its members. Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand, different from any other health care Web service available today, is a novel and comprehensive tool that delivers immediate access to an ever expanding offering, such as pharmaceutical product prescribing information, patient education on products and medical conditions, coupons, patient assistance programs and other resources for provider and patient success in managing medical conditions.

Newly available on the enhanced platform are more than 10,000 commercially available products, covering classes both within and outside of eye care. Members will also have the ability to connect with industry and peers, participate in market research and easily find clinical trials suitable for their patients by searching the largest U.S. clinical trial database with an easy-to-use search interface. Coming soon will be a free, cutting edge e-prescribing platform.

Always available on the home page of the AOA website (www.aoa.org), Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand provides a single place for members to find a full array of available product resources, easy to search and easy to order, all at no cost. This “one-stop shop” for resources also provides members significant time savings that they would otherwise spend browsing and surfing the web for suitable resources for their patients.

“Members will ultimately have access to more of the resources manufacturers offer,” said Geoffrey Goodfellow, O.D., AOA Practice Advancement Committee member.

Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand works by connecting AOA members to the resources they want, when and where they want it. It is designed to create an unbiased, no-cost community for doctors of optometry. It’s a solution to the challenge of efficiently aligning available resources.

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