EyeLearn™ now offers practice management webinars

May 28, 2012

The 2012 Medicare coding and billing rules, the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), e-prescribing, entry into practice, and the basics of practice marketing are among the topics covered in a new library of 30 practice management webinars posted to EyeLearn™ last month.

The new EyeLearn™ practice management materials were compiled in an effort to provide reliable, readily accessible answers to the practice management questions most often posed by optometrists, according to Christopher J. Quinn, O.D., the AOA Board of Trustees member overseeing the EyeLearn™ project.

Most were selected from the highly popular AOA webinars series, which each month provides tutorials on regulatory and management issues for hundreds of optometrists.

“EyeLearn’s™ clinical courses have already proven very popular, particularly among optometrists preparing for American Board of Optometry certification examinations,” said Dr. Quinn.

“With the addition of the new webinars, AOA members now also know they can quickly and easily turn to EyeLearn™ for help on management and regulatory issues that arise in the course of day-to-day practice – whether they want an update on coding changes, guidance as they prepare to enter an incentive program, or decide they want to review their overall approach to marketing their practices,” Dr. Quinn said.

For new practitioners, EyeLearn™ offers webinars on both the process of joining a practice as an associate and the establishing of a new practice “from scratch,” Dr. Quinn noted.

All of the webinars are conducted by recognized experts in their fields and include extensive slide presentations as well as handout sheets that practitioners can download through the EyeLearn™ site.

The EyeLearn™ practice management library will be updated regularly with new AOA webinars, allowing AOA members to easily review subject matter or “catch webinars they missed the first time,” Dr. Quinn said.

In addition to its interactive clinical board certification review courses and new practice management webinars, EyeLearn™ continues to offer supplemental resources such as AOA Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines and articles from Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association.

A Continuing Education (CE) Finder feature allows optometrists to find appropriate classroom continuing education programs offered by state optometric associations, regional optometric organizations, and the AOA.

The EyeLearn™ online education portal is an exclusive AOA member benefit. AOA members can take courses and access materials free of charge.

The optometric education portal can be accessed at www.aoa.org/eyelearn.

EyeLearn™ Practice Management Webinars

Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

  • Making Sense of PQRS
  • PQRS Made Easy
  • PQRS Made Easy (Update)

Practice Finance

  • Practice Finance 101 – Managing Revenue and Expense Relationships by Design, not by Hope.

Practice Transition

  • Associateship through Ownership – The Path to Practice Ownership
  • Starting an Optometric Practice – The Keys to Doing it Right!


  • Website Traffic – Can I Please Have Some More?
  • Patience with Social Media Can Bring You Patients
  • Search Engine Optimization, How to Rank #1 on Google
  • Turning Web Site Traffic into Patients
  • Turning that Patient Care Staff into a Management Team
  • The Keys to a Better Practice Marketing Program

Medical Records and Coding

  • Final Updates in 2012 Changes: Medicare, ICD-9, CPT
  • Coding & Medicare Changes for 2012
  • Coding Grand Rounds – Glaucoma Case Study
  • Coding Grand Rounds
  • CPT and Documentation Guidelines Part I
  • CPT and Documentation Guidelines Part II
  • Choosing Diagnosis and Procedure Codes for Eye Care
  • Demonstration of AOA Tools for Medical Records and Coding…featuring new member-only benefit AOACodingToday.com
  • An Introduction to ICD-10
  • Coding a Glaucoma Case, First Visit Glaucoma Evaluation, First Follow-Up Visit
  • The Power of Your Pen Recognizing Insurance Contracts as Business Decisions
  • Coding Grand Rounds: Choosing Codes for Real Cases

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Tips for Your Practice

Electronic-Prescribing (eRx)

  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic-Prescribing – How and Why

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