Industry Profile: HOYA

May 18, 2012

The HOYA Free-Form Company
Purpose, Pride, Passion, People

The HOYA Free-Form Company has a purpose. Leadership. Leaders blaze difficult trails and endure the unknown. While others sit back, watch and wait for the hard work to be done, and then enjoy safe passage, the leader is off to blaze the next trail.

We launched personalized HoyaLux iD MyStyle lenses long before anyone in the industry started talking about personalization of lenses based on a patient’s life style, work and hobbies. SuperHiVision EX3 AR treatment is more scratch-resistant than glass, no other AR is even close in Bayer value.

We take great pride in having the courage to go to market with concepts in lens technology that no one is even talking about yet and starting a new vocabulary in our industry. Developing the latest technological advances and sharing them with our customers is what gets everyone at HOYA really excited. That is our passion.

When a patient tries on an iD LifeStyle after years in bifocals and says, “Wow, what a difference!” all of the bumps and bruises we took blazing that trail were worth it. We often hear stories from children and their parents as the child’s new glasses have helped them renew joy in reading and school, or success in sports and music. Even missionaries in far away lands write to tell us how their lenses with EX3 are scratch free after multiple sand storms.

From our offices, laboratories, service centers and cluttered cars on sales routes, everyone at HOYA can look around and know that it is all about the people. Our customers and their patients are the reason we head out each day to blaze new trails in lens designs, materials and treatments like no other on the market. Visit www.thehoyafreeformcompany.com.

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