Shamir adds lenses for golfers, new presbyopes

May 17, 2012

Shamir’s newest Freeform® product – Shamir FirstPAL classified as an introductory Freeform design is specifically designed for new progressive wearers.

“Shamir FirstPAL™ is the ideal solution for new presbyopes, ages 40-45,” according to the company. A low addition progressive solution, it offers clear and wide far vision, a comfortable reading zone and an easy transition between the two.

“Shamir FirstPAL™ is a unique addition to our Freeform® family of products, as it is the first progressive lens designed specifically for new presbyopes. Previously, the market lacked a premium lens solution allowing new presbyobes to transition from single vision or reading glasses with easy adaptation. Now doctors can offer their patients a better solution to introduce them to progressives – Shamir FirstPAL,” said Matt Lytle, vice president, marketing.

Also rolling out this month from Shamir is Shamir Golf. Unlike a standard progressive, Shamir Golf™ provides three distinct vision zones for the golfer: the near zone for the scorecard in the player’s hand, the mid-range zone for the ball at the player’s feet, and the far zone for the green in the distance. Each vision zone is enhanced specifically for the golfer’s needs.

Shamir Golf™ is also designed to ensure clear peripheral viewing. While typical progressives often have distortion near the edge of the lens, Shamir Golf™ offers patients a clear peripheral viewing area, so players can see the ball clearly at their feet as well as where they want to hit the ball down the fairway. Designed specifically for wrap frames and with a 19mm fitting height, Shamir Golf™ is intended to provide the player with a more comfortable golfing experience.

The Golf lens also utilizes As-Worn Technology, which requires additional measurements from the patient: Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Panoramic Angle.

“Our goal at Shamir is to provide every person with clear vision, no matter what activities they participate in, so Shamir Golf™ is a great addition to our Freeform® family of products. It is the first sports specialty lens to provide a specific solution designed to match the wearer’s activity. Shamir truly has a solution for any visual need,” Lytle said.

For more, visit www.shamirlens.com.

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