Industry Profile: Allergan

May 17, 2012

Allergan offers and pursues innovative products to help improve patient care.

With over 60 years of successfully discovering and developing new therapeutic agents to help protect and preserve vision, the Allergan heritage offers eye care professionals and patients a broad range of products to treat a variety of eye conditions. As a result of dedicated R&D efforts and close relationships with eye care professionals, Allergan has established itself as a global leader in eye care.

Consistent commitment to optometry

Allergan works closely with third‐party optometry groups, key opinion leaders, and managed care organizations to stay abreast of optometrists’ needs for information and tools. Allergan remains committed to providing support for optometrists with a dedicated sales force, continuing education programs, and educational initiatives for teaching institutions.

“Allergan is committed to providing optometrists with therapeutics that help them provide optimal patient care,” said Kevin Skule, Allergan senior vice president, Eye Care. “We are working hard to continue bringing forth new, innovative therapeutics for years to come.”

To support the optometry community, Allergan launched a website specifically designed to help meet the needs of optometrists throughout the country— http://www.AllerganOptometry.com. The website provides optometrists with single‐site access to information about Allergan eye care therapeutics, including information about patient cost‐saving programs such as rebate programs, hand‐outs to help educate patients, and practice management tools such as questionnaires and trackers to help optometrists assess patients.

“As a main provider of vision care, optometrists play a critical role with patients’ eye care,” said Dave Gibson, director, Optometric Professional Relations and Strategic Initiatives. “We will continue to strengthen our partnership with optometry through innovative resources and broad support.”

Allergan supports SECO, AOA, American Academy of Optometry, and the Vision Expo meetings (East and West), as well as a large number of regional and local meetings.

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