Conference workshops heading to ICO

May 2, 2012

Optometry professionals and students from around the world are being offered an exciting opportunity to attend clinical workshops at the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) as part of Advancing Optometry Worldwide, the World Council of Optometry’s conference.

Delegates will receive free transport to ICO on the second day of the conference, taking place in Chicago from June 24-26, 2012, for a tour of the facility and the chance to attend a series of workshops or a lecture by the ICO’s Professor Leonard Messner, O.D.

The clinical workshops will cover gonioscopy, fundus lenses, and binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy (BIO), while Dr. Messner’s thought-provoking lecture will explore “the eye in neurological disease: an anatomically guided approach to disorders of the pre-chiasmal, chiasmal and retro-chiasmal visual pathways.”

As well as the visit to ICO, the conference program also features speakers from around the world, including:

  • Professor Kovin Naidoo, African chair of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and Global Programmes Director of the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE)
  • Pete Kehoe, O.D., past president of the AOA
  • Professor Thomas Freddo, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Clive Miller, chief executive officer of Optometry Giving Sight
  • Prema Chande, Lotus College of Optometry, India

Registration is open. Log on to www.worldoptometry.org and join us at www.facebook.com/WorldCouncilOpt to download the program and for up-to-date news and announcements on Advancing Optometry Worldwide as they happen.

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