Hawthorne files for re-election

April 28, 2012

Dr. Hawthorne

Hilary L. Hawthorne, O.D., has filed for re-election to the AOA Board of Trustees.

Dr. Hawthorne was officially appointed to the AOA volunteer structure in 2006. She has been active in committees including the AOA Communications Advisory Group and served as chair of the Credentials Committee and the Hispanic Communications Project Team from 2008-2009.

In 2007, she served as the AOA’s spokesperson in promotion of the American Eye-Q® survey and has done numerous media interviews on behalf of the profession.

Currently, Dr. Hawthorne serves as the liaison trustee to the Communications Group Executive Committee, the Hispanic Communication Project Team, Optometry’s Image Coordinating Committee, Social Media Committee, and Contact Lens and Cornea Section. She also serves as liaison to the dean, president and faculty representatives from the Southern College of Optometry and University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry.

Previously, she had served as liaison trustee to the Paraoptometric Executive Committee, Council on Research, and the Optometric Extension Program. Her previous role as board liaison to the affiliate state associations included Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Dr. Hawthorne is a past president of the California Optometric Association (COA). As a member of the COA Board of Trustees, she has been involved with many aspects of the COA, including the Public Vision League, the Vision West Advisory Board, Communications Committee, and the Education Committee. Dr. Hawthorne remains involved as a COA volunteer serving on the Legislation and Regulation Committee and the California Optometry Editorial Board and as an education consultant for local society meetings. In March, Dr. Hawthorne presided as Speaker of the House to the 2012 COA House of Delegates (HOD) in Sacramento, Calif., and chaired the HOD Advisory/ Rules Committee. Over a decade ago, she served as a Member-at-Large on the COA Nominating Committee. Recently, she was appointed the Nominating Committee’s chair-elect in 2011-2012 and will serve as chair in 2012-2013.

Dr. Hawthorne became a trustee for the Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO), representing California from 2006-2010. Dr. Hawthorne was recognized as the COA’s Young Optometrist of the Year in 2000 and as Keyperson of the Year in 2001. Dr. Hawthorne is a graduate of California State University—Fullerton and the Pacific University College of Optometry.

Dr. Hawthorne remains active in her community and the Los Angeles County Optometric Society, providing resources for nearby schools, and has contributed service to California Vision Foundation and California Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. She is a member of the American Public Health Association, Vision Care Section. She has a private practice in south central Los Angeles, Calif., and also works as a staff doctor for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Student Medical Services.

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