Bank of America offers tips on taking care of personal information

April 20, 2012

Take care of your personal information

You are the single best person to protect your personal information because only you can control what information you share.

Protecting this information is the first step in reducing your risk of identity theft and fraud.

Here are some tips for keeping your information secure:

  • Carry only necessary identification and cards with you. Don’t carry your Social Security card.
  • Retrieve incoming mail from your mailbox quickly. Do not leave outgoing mail in a mailbox or unsecured location.
  • Make copies of all the financial information you carry with you daily and store the copies in a safe place.
  • Never provide personal information unless you initiated the contact and have confirmed the business or person’s identity.

Reduce your paper trail

One very easy way to protect your personal information is to limit the amount of paper that has your personal information printed on it.

Criminals can get these documents by stealing your mail or even your trash.

Here are some ways you can eliminate unnecessary paper and increase your security:

  • Shred unnecessary financial documents immediately before throwing them away.
  • Stop receiving paper account statements and bills in the mail. Instead, use an online banking or bill pay service.
  • Stop receiving your canceled checks and sign up for direct deposit to have funds put directly in your account without the need for paper checks.
  • Opt-out of pre-approved credit card offers by dialing 888-567-8688.

This will communicate your preference to all three of the major credit bureaus.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Share personal information only with trusted sources.
  • Avoid transactions with companies or individuals whose identities you can’t verify.
  • When shopping online, use only reputable merchants and look for security indicators on your browser window.

Call Bank of America Credit Card at 800-932-2775 to learn more and ask about the AOA member benefit.

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