Optometry’s Meeting® in Chicago puts education in the forefront

April 11, 2012

Education has always been a key component of Optometry’s Meeting®, and our 2012 Chicago conference is no exception. We’ve put together an outstanding lineup of speakers and exciting new formats, all designed to make you more knowledgeable and your practice more profitable.

This June 27 through July 1, you’ll want to join us in the Windy City for such stimulating education programming as:

A 3-D Spectacular

These days it seems like 3-D is everywhere — Hollywood movies, video games, home television sets, and big events like the Summer Olympics. And with this heightened interest comes a therapeutic benefit for our profession: stereoscopic technology can help identify millions of children and adults with treatable binocular vision problems.

You can learn more about how 3-D relates to the future of optometry during our 3-D Education Syposiums including a special Saturday 3-D Symposium presented to you at no additional cost. These sessions are open to all and will provide an excellent introduction to this growing technology.

Rapid-Fire Facts

If you’re a fan of the fast-paced question-and-answer format familiar from sports TV shows, you won’t want to miss our “Pardon the Objection” courses. Instead of long lectures, you’ll be treated to panel discussion and debate on a new topic every few minutes — with a graphic “rundown” of yet-to-be-discussed topics just like you see on TV.

Each “Pardon the Objection” presentation will feature noteworthy experts engaging in lively give-and-take. Five courses will be presented in this unique style:

  • Anterior Segment— presenting a wide range of content highlighting new developments in anterior segment disease, diagnosis, and treatment. The scheduled panel includes Paul Karpecki, O.D., Mile Brujic, O.D., David Kading, O.D., Blair Lonsberry, O.D., and Bill Townsend, O.D.
  • Contact Lens — taking a 360-degree view of new developments in contact lens technology. The scheduled panel includes Lamar Zigler, O.D., Joe Shovlin, O.D., Chris Sindt, O.D., and Louise Sclafani, O.D.
  • Glaucoma — covering the latest updates and controversies on glaucoma diagnosis and management. The scheduled panel includes Ben Gaddie, O.D., Michael Chaglasian, O.D., Mark Dunbar, O.D., and John Flanagan, O.D.
  • New Technology — offering a comprehensive look at new technologies available to the eye care practitioner. The scheduled panel includes Derek Cunningham, O.D., Marc Bloomenstein, O.D., and Dave Geffen, O.D.
  • Student Practice Management — focusing on various areas of interest to new practitioners. The scheduled panel includes Derek Hamilton, O.D., Ryan Parker, O.D., and Gina Wesley, O.D.

Cell phones: please leave ON

New this year, Optometry’s Meeting® will present interactive sessions on multiple topics, allowing audience members to parti-cipate in real time. You can use most smartphones during these select sessions to ask panelists questions, suggest discussion topics, and take real-time surveys — all promising to make these sessions exceptionally relevant.

Learn while you lunch

Also new this year are two Saturday Lunch Symposiums that provide a convenient setting to catch up on what’s new. Space is limited, so be sure to register early for either session:

  • Tips to Maximize your Multifocal Soft Lens Fitting Success will describe the various multifocal soft contact lens options for our presbyopic patients. There will be a discussion of the features of these multifocal designs and an explanation of how to clinically evaluate and solve problems associated with each design. Sponsored by CooperVision.
  • New Developments in Allergic Eye Disease Management and Treatment will provide practical clinical pearls for the effective management of seasonal and perennial allergies, giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), and atopic keratoconjunctivitis (AKC). Sponsored by ISTA Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, our popular Breakfast Symposiums will return on Thursday, Friday and Saturday featuring a variety of topics. See the Preliminary Program to get more details on times, subjects, and our generous sponsors.

Practices made perfect

If you are looking to buy, buy-in or sell a practice, our two-part Practice Pathways course is tailor-made for your needs. You’ll discover how to be successful in each stage of the practice lifecycle, including practice entry, practice management, development planning and succession planning.

All attendees can attend Practice Pathways at no additional charge.

High societies

As the pioneer of the partnership with professional societies, Optometry’s Meeting® is once again giving you the chance to increase your knowledge in specific areas of optometry. Based on the success of this program in 2011, we have integrated additional education from six partners into our overall education program.

The participating societies include:

  • Vision Leads Foundation
  • Optometric Glaucoma Society
  • Optometric Council on Refractive Technology
  • Optometric Retina Society
  • Ocular Surface Society of Optometry
  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development

CE for free

As always, Optometry’s Meeting® offers more than 30 hours of free continuing education, with different opportunities every day. Just two of our new offerings include:

  • Fitting Beyond the Ordinary is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (course #0800). This course will present a variety of complex and interesting contact lens cases. In each scenario, a comprehensive treatment protocol will be employed, including therapeutic agents, contemporary contact lens designs, and the appropriate lens care regimen. The emphasis will be on using a creative and rationale approach to alleviating contact lens dropout. Sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics and CooperVision.
  • The 3-D Experience: Movies, Television, Video Games and in the Classroom — When Our Eyes Fail Us is scheduled for Saturday, June 30 from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (course #D201). Depth perceived in 3-D movies, television, video games, and classroom education is different than in the real world. Some viewers have eyestrain, blur, diplopia, and vertigo; others can’t appreciate the depth. This course provides a framework for understanding diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for managing anyone with 3-D vision syndrome.

Optometry’s Meeting® would like to recognize the optometric education program is generously co-sponsored by the Illinois Optometric Association.

An app for that

The Optometry’s Meeting® Mobile App is now available for download on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone.

You can use it to create your schedule, search events by function or speaker, and stay up-to-date on the latest conference happenings — making your conference experience better than ever.

Visit www.optometrysmeeting.org for more information.

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