Transitions introduces new Vantage lenses with variable polarization

March 22, 2012

Transitions Optical, Inc. launched the latest breakthrough in adaptive lens technology – variable polarization – at Transitions Academy, its annual education event for industry professionals.

Transitions® Vantage™ lenses are the first and only lenses designed to both darken and polarize upon ultraviolet (UV) exposure to deliver noticeably crisper, sharper vision, even in the brightest outdoor glare.

Transitions Vantage lenses are everyday photochromic lenses that start out virtually clear and non-polarized indoors; outdoors they not only adapt to changing light but also increase polarization as they darken, optimizing the angle at which light reaches the eyes to help control glare and light scatter.

Until now, polarization only existed primarily as a fixed film in sun lenses. Transitions Vantage lenses employ a new technology different than current photochromics and polarization.

While current photochromic molecules darken in random patterns, creating an even tint, the photochromic dyes in Transitions Vantage lenses not only darken, but also align to create polarization. This means that Transitions Vantage lenses will have a variable level of polarization efficiency depending on the amount of UV exposure – the darker the lens, the more polarization efficiency there is. The lighter the lens, the less polarization there will be.

“Variable polarization is what’s next in a history of firsts that Transitions Optical has brought to the industry,” said John Ligas, director, research and development, Transitions Optical, Inc. “In the past, the only photochromic variable was clear to dark. Transitions Vantage lenses not only break the paradigm that tint is the only photochromic variable, but they also challenge conventional thinking that a clear lens can’t become polarized and a polarized lens can’t become clear. We’re quite literally making the impossible possible.”

Transitions Vantage lenses: Exploring the possibilities

Transitions Vantage lenses are a part of an everyday product offering – meant to be worn indoors and outdoors – which is complemented by a full line of performance sunwear products.

With added anti-reflective (AR) coating, Transitions Vantage lenses become the only everyday lenses available that help to manage all four types of glare.

“Transitions Vantage lenses give consumers additional benefits they have never been able to have in a clear lens,” said Alexis Cardona, chief marketing officer, Transitions Optical. “We are bringing adaptability and responsiveness to an area of the optical market that formerly was fixed, further helping enhance the vision and lives of patients. This will provide significant opportunity to increase business for the eye care professional and all of our trade partners.”

Transitions Vantage lenses will be available for consumer purchase, exclusively in grey, in a variety of materials and designs in May 2012.

Leading up to that time, Transitions Optical will host a variety of events and activities to help industry professionals understand the product and how to recommend it to patients. In February, eye care professionals will be able to sign up to receive free support materials after completing an online quiz at www.TransitionsVantage.com. Materials will be mailed in March.


  1. Where in the Tucson, AZ area can I purchase transition lenses with polaroid lenses?

    • Advanced Vision Care across from Foothills Mall!

      • Do you have any vision insurance?

      • Vision “insurance” is a major criminal act of insurance companies.
        1. If you have been ripped-off/sold optical “insurance”, you WILL pay more.
        2. You will be shackled with “Co-Pays” & many other charges.
        3. You will have monthly premium bills for the “insurance” or $ stolen from your pay check. Those charges with the “Co-Pays” over 2 years, cost more than glasses!
        4. You will be limited how often an insurance administrator decides you are allowed to be examined, often not for 2 years!
        5. You will not be allowed most of the new lenses, including the Transitions that becomes Polarized AND ALSO GETS DARKER & DARKENS BEHIND THE WINDSHIELD OF VEHICLES…REFUSED BY MOST INSURANCES, LIKE “DAVIS” & “OPTUM HEALTH” which is actually “Optum NON-Health.”
        6. If you stop forcing optometrists & opticals to spend hours with your paperwork, they will lower your prices for exams, glasses & contacts.
        7. If you have been damaged by given “Davis Vision” or “Optum Health” you have been screwed. Get together with your co-workers & demand your employer stop enriching themselves by dumping you on the worst: “Davis Non-Vision” & Optum Non-Health” Vision “Insurance!”

  2. Will the Veteran Administration recieve this breakthrough! WILL there be a conservative price.

    • The V.A. does not believe you need this breakthrough.
      If you are seeking a more “conservative” price, stay with the basic Transition.

  3. how do these lenses respond behind the car windshield?

    • They really don’t. They may a little, if the light is coming in from the side window. But because the front windshield has a UV blocker film inside of it, the lenses cannot change through it alone.

      But, that being said, I just received my first pair of transitions last week. I love them. I wish I got them sooner. They don’t get so dark that they can be considered “sunglasses.” But what they do do is tint enough that you don’t have to squint and you can be comfortable outside without sunglasses.

      I’d recommend them in an instant.

      • That other response was 100% inaccurate:
        1. Transitions “Vantage” DOES become variable dark behind all windshieds. (40%-50% darkening, depending on enviornmental conditions.)
        2. I have them. I sell them in all our offices.
        3. If they don’t darken behind your windshield, I’ll refund your purchase!
        4. Transitions “Xtractive” also darken behind windshields, but do not have the variable polarization benefit, only available with “Vantage” Transitions.

  4. Great article on polarized lenses. It is nice to know that now there is a transitional lens available to us. Keep up the great work!

  5. Will the Transition Vintage lenses work while driving?

    • Suzanne,
      Behind windshields, “Vantage” approaches 25%-40% darkening & Polarization on sunny, bright days.
      Doc. Stevens.

  6. When is Walmart going to get this? And PLEASE send me more information. Sounds interesting! How does it work exactly?

    • 1. walmart has NEVER been interested in new lenses, lens breakthroughs, improved optics. It is not a medical company. It’s not a vision company. walmart seeks mass sales of cheap lenses: Polycarbonate. Unfortunately, it’s what you are now wearing!
      2. walmart sell the cheapest lens materials available, like Polycarbonate. Stop compromising with your vision!
      3. Once you try 1.67 lenses, 1.74 lenses, Trivex lenses, you will be upset at what walmart sold you previously. Polycarbonate lenses optics are lower quality. Polycarbonate has more distortion than other lenses.
      4. “Vantage” Transitions lenses function with variable polarization. They are not only darker than your old Transitions, they become polarized outside, reducing/stopping glare. You will dislike your old lenses once you try Transitions “Vantage.”
      5. If you wish details, call 1+800-955-LENS.

  7. Just got new transitions “vantage” polarized lenses. How do I tell if they work. I do not notice any polarization in bright light. Could the anti glare coating be blocking the uv?

    • Any “anti-glare” coating you added has very little/no effect upon the ability of the new “Vantage” Transitions to polarize in bright light.
      Polarized “Vantage” Transitions block 97%+ of Ultraviolet light from entering your eyes. Verify you have the “anti-glare” coating with UV filter on both the back surface and front. Budget “anti-glare” is merely on the front surface. You’ll need to know the brand to know the difference.
      To verify you actually have the new “Vantage” Transitions:
      1. Return to the optical & ask to have your lenses tested in a demonstrate unit. If they have none, take your glasses to a LOCAL optical that has a Transitions polarized demo conducted in your presence.
      2. If your vehicle’s side windows are polarized, turn your glasses in a circle, watching the lenses closely as you slowly turn round & round. You will notice a remarkable effect. No effect, no Vantage.
      3. Send them to me insured, return postage paid & I’ll have them tested. If “Vantage” lenses, I’ll include a card of authenticity.
      4. On a bright day, stand along side a person with Transitions that were made over 2 years ago. After 90 seconds, if they are squinting and you are not squinting, you have the new Transitions “Vantage” Lenses.

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