MBA site relaunched

March 22, 2012

MBA-ce.com, the Web site of the Management & Business Academy™, sponsored by Alcon and Essilor, has undergone a dramatic redesign to provide a more usable and attractive environment for accessing tools for optometric practice growth. The revitalized site premiered Jan. 12.

The MBA site features a new organizational flow that allows easy access to a wealth of detailed reports, articles, surveys, calculators, staff workshops, monographs and other resources. Existing content is highlighted, and new content is added to the site on a weekly basis with the posting of two MBA e–newsletters: MBA Essentials and MBA Intelligence. An enhanced search function allows users to home in on highly detailed metrics and best practices that can be applied to measure and improve practice performance.

“We are delighted to have an appealing and functionally superior new design that is the equal of the MBA as a best–in–class resource for optometrists involved in efficient practice management and business development,” said Dwight Akerman, O.D., director of professional affairs and programs at Alcon. “The pace of business is quickening, and the new MBA site puts business management resources right where ODs say they want them—online and easily accessed.”

To date, more than 12,000 ODs have registered as users of the MBA site.

“The great success of the MBA is built on the strength of a database of optometric practice performance metrics that is unsurpassed in its comprehensiveness,” said Rod Tahran, O.D., vice president for professional relations at Essilor. “The new design enables users of the MBA site to more easily and readily locate pertinent metrics by which they can measure how their practice stacks up–then plot a path to greater practice success.”

The MBA web site is open to all who register at www.MBA-ce.com.

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