It’s Save Your Vision Month and Optometry Cares®!

March 12, 2012

Be a part of the inaugural grassroots “Save Your Vision, Help Another Save Theirs” fundraising effort. You and your patients can give back to your community by participating.

During Save Your Vision Month, several St. Louis-based optometric offices will be asking their patients to give back to their community by making a nominal monetary donation to Optometry Cares® when they check out.

You can also join in this effort. It’s easy to do!

Step 1: Contact Sara Breed at Optometry Cares® at snbreed@aoa.org or 314-983-4218 for details.

Step 2: Receive your toolkit.

Step 3: Raise money and awareness about the importance of healthy eyes and good vision.

Save Your Vision Month started March 1. Sign up today!

Save Your Vision Month reminds Americans of the importance of healthy eyes and good vision.

Optometry Cares® enables the AOA to initiate and lead community health programs.

Contributions to Optometry Cares® provide funding for resources to support programs such as:

  • InfantSEE® provides free comprehensive vision exams for children in the first year of life regardless of income or insurance.
  • VISION USA mobilizes the resources required to provide free vision exams and needed basic vision appliances to those who otherwise could not afford vision care.
  • Healthy Eyes Healthy People® Community Grant Program stimulates community initiatives in health promotion and disease prevention by providing “seed money” to begin or continue vision-related projects.
  • Unrestricted Support gives Optometry Cares® the flexibility to assign funding to those programs that need the assistance most.

To learn more about Optometry Cares®, visit www.aoafoundation.org.

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